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If Hueniek Gets Top WIAA Post, He Will Be Nothing But a Special Interest Mouthpiece for WEAC

Just in the past couple weeks the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association revealed its finalists for the Executive Director position on who will replace Doug Chickering who is retiring at the end of 2009 after serving 23 years in the post. One of … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Football’s Loss Is Inexcusable, I am getting sick of seeing the team embarrased on National TV

Saturday was not a good day to be a badger, and let me tell you I am very embarrased over a 42-13 loss over Florida State.  This loss is pretty inexcusable along to comprehend over a horrible season our team … Continue reading

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Blago: “I am going to Fight, Fight, Fight”

I just got done watching Blagojevich’s press conference and today’s press conference is nothing but typical Illinois politics.  Blago did not take any answers from journalists in Chicago and across America who are looking for the truth. Blago vehemently denies … Continue reading

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IL Dems Are Ducking the Calls of the People for a Special Election and the GOP in IL is Wedging the Issue Home

Today, as there was constant bickering over a special election for the US Senate Seat in Illinois, we know one thing is for certain the Democrats in the State of Illinois cannot hold onto their word for a special election.  … Continue reading

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The People of Illinois Want a Special Election

The calls have been evident from both Emil Jones and Lisa Madigan Democrats and Republicans like Christine Randago in Illinois, they cannot trust either the Governor or the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois to decide who will be the next US … Continue reading

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Governor Blagojevich’s Arrest is Re-Sparking the Center Right in Illinois and Across America

When I got an e-mail this morning that Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois got arrested, I thought it was a pipe dream, but when I looked at the Chicago Tribune on my BlackBerry that confirmed the story, I knew this … Continue reading

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This is something that I did not have to report on but something that must be reported that according to a premiere State Government website highlights that Wisconsin has one of the worst budget deficits in America. Wisconsin is … Continue reading

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