Senator Lazich has it right on the Dot, We are Still Way too Over Generous on Welfare Payments

State Senator Mary Lazich of New Berlin written an excellent column about the declining wealth of the State of Wisconsin.  The one question you may ask why is something you may not admit.  Despite the great welfare reforms of Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin is still handing out the most generous welfare benefits in the nation.  This in turn turns people to move from Illinois to Wisconsin to take advantage of these benefits.

At a time when our state budget is taking a massive hit nearing towards a $6 billion dollar deficit, the State Legislature should consider tightening the belt further on welfare benefits in order to keep our state fiscally afloat.  First, I believe in that we need to help out those who are vulnerable the most, but we cannot be spending our way into a massive structural deficit by just generously handing out welfare benefits to solve the problem.  As people are losing their jobs, yes we need to have the funds necessary for unemployment, but because of how generous our welfare benefit structure is in Wisconsin, the people that are losing their jobs who need unemployment assistance may not get these benefits because we hand out too much welfare benefits despite we have a work requirement.

We can talk about it, but here is our Welfare Reform Plan in which we can help Wisconsin be a better place.

  • Have a more graduated declining benefits scale that once a person is in a job, their benefits will decline that people can be more self reliant and less reliant on the Government.
  • Reduce the current welfare Title XIX payouts and use the money that has been reduced and transfer the money into unemployment compensation funds.  This will help people who have lost their jobs without raising taxes.
  • Wisconsin needs to be more stringent on who receives medicaid and food stamps.  Medicaid is one of the worst designed government programs while there is constant fraud for food stamps.  Like Title XIX benefits, we need to have a graduated declining scale for food stamps and medicaid to encourage more self reliance.
  • We need to identify those who take advantage of the system and we need to get these people to be re-trained for a career that will allow them to be self supporting.  This is why the state needs to partner with the tech college system to help those to gain the skills necessary to compete in a 21st century economy.

There is a old saying that old habits never die and history can repeat itself.  If the Democrats in the legislature don’t learn the lessons from the 1980’s, Wisconsin could become welfare heaven again and this is something the State of Wisconsin does not need.  We need to heed on Tommy Thompson’s call that we need to give people an “hand up” not dishing out welfare benefits like potato chips.

Read Senator Lazich’s Commentary and Read for yourself why we cannot stop Governor Thomspon’s mission to put people to work over welfare:

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