Rep. Josh Zepnick Wants a Bailout, But Rep. Zepnick fails to understand the problem of the structural deficet

Representative Josh Zepnick sent a letter today to Governor Jim Doyle asking for a piece of the bailout money to bail out Wisconsin.  Representative Zepnick goes to great lengths to blast past legislatures and governors but puts little substance is asking why Wisconsin deserves a part of the bailout money.

First, our state is nearing a six billion dollar budget deficet and we cannot afford to bankrupt future generations by asking the Feds to bailout Wisconsin.  Rep. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Beaver Dam/Horicon) is right and said that we cannot use gimmicks like bailouts to balance the budget.  Governor Jim Doyle said in a 2002 debate at UW-Eau Claire: “I will balance a budget the old-fashioned way without accounting tricks or gimmicks.”  This bailout scheme to force on the Governor by Rep. Zepnick is nothing but a gimmick and a fraud.

Second, Rep. Zepnick blasts off at the Republicans in the past legislature who kept your taxes low and says that cutting taxes is irresponsible.  What Josh Zepnick fails to account for is we are one of the highest taxed states in America according to the Tax Foundation and we cannot afford to go back to the days of double digit tax increases in the 1970’s and 1980’s that killed WIsconsin’s economy.  Yes, he ackowledges the structural deficet is a problem, but should he hold his own Governor accountable for ballooning the structural deficet.  The problem is that Rep. Zepnick fails to understand that as a State we are spending way too much.

Third, Rep. Zepnick talks about having a FDR style program to increase jobs in Milwaukee.  I am for all getting new jobs, but Rep. Zepnick’s approach does nothing to add value to the economy.  If he is really concerned about job growth he should really work with the Department of Commerce, Governor, and Mayor Barrett to encourage incentives to the private sector to do these infastructure projects in which I agree are much, much needed in which we can keep our state moving again.

It is time that Rep. Zepnick needs to know that we cannot bankrupt our future generation to pay for the mess in WIsconsin.  This is a pure example of how Milwaukee Area state legislators like Spencer Coggs, Pedro Colon, Lena Taylor, and Barbara Toles are trying to use the state budget process to divide the state as this is Milwaukee v. the Rest of Wisconsin.  We will support a state budget that will reduce the structural deficet that will curb spending, and also put more money back into Wisconsinite’s pockets by having an emergency tax cut for individuals and businesses.  Also, we need to re-do our property tax system while at the same time, we need government to live within its means.

Read Rep. Zepnicks Letter to Governor Doyle and See for Yourself How He Wants to Divide Wisconsin:

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