shows that Wisconsin’s Budget Woes are the Worst in America

This is something that I did not have to report on but something that must be reported that according to a premiere State Government website highlights that Wisconsin has one of the worst budget deficits in America.

Wisconsin is rated high with other states including Arizona, New York State,  and California as we have the fourth worst budget deficit in America with Arizona, New York, and California rounding off the top three.  This rating highlights the failures of leadership under Governor Jim Doyle.  Under Governor Doyle, Wisconsin’s structural deficet is skyrocketing and said in debate in 2002 when he was first elected: “I am going to balance a budget the old-fashioned way without accounting tricks or gimmicks.”    This line that Governor Doyle has is the long line of statements offering a lot of rhetoric but empty promises to the people of Wisconsin.

People will pin the deficit on the economy, but the real reason we are in a structural deficet is because of Governor Doyle’s excessive use of the line item veto pen, especially the now banned Frankenstien veto in which Governor Doyle infamously raided money out of the transportation fund to fund the UW system without the legislature approving this funding.  Governor Doyle’s hidden spending and empty promises is why our budget deficit is high.  

What Governor Doyle says on fixing the budget crisis is breathtaking as one day he will advocate for raising the hospital tax or another day he will praise himself for holding the line on taxes.  Basically, Governor Doyle doesn’t know if he is a blue dog democrat like Gary Hart the one day or a hard-left progressive liberal democrat like Dennis Kucinich the next.  

As Wisconsin is stuck with many hard decisions on cutting the budget, we must tell Governor Doyle no way with using a budget gimmick like the bailout money from the feds to balance the budget.  We need to stand up for people, but we need to cut the excess fat out of the budget before we even think the dirty words of hospital tax or oil assessment.

The people of Wisconsin have had enough of the budget games, Wisconsin taxpayers are already ATM’ed meaning Already Taxed to the Max.

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