The People of Illinois Want a Special Election

The calls have been evident from both Emil Jones and Lisa Madigan Democrats and Republicans like Christine Randago in Illinois, they cannot trust either the Governor or the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois to decide who will be the next US Senator is.  This should be up to the people.

If a special election is approved on Monday, I hope the Illinois GOP is getting a couple quality candidates on the ballot as I heard Congressmen Mark Kirk (R-IL 10th District-Lake County) and Peter Roskam (R-IL 6th District-O’Hare and West Subrubs/DuPage County) may run for the seat if its allowed.  If this happens, I will make a strong prediction, do not expect a Democrat to win the Special Election.

As political corruption runs rampant in Illinois, there is beginning to be a anti-Democrat sentiment in the State of Illinois from the collar counties to Downstate Illinois.  Mark Kirk and Peter Roskam are very independent politicans with a record the people of Illinois can trust.  Kirk is more moderate than Roskam, and seems to have a better shot as he has been a Republican who has distanced himself very far from George W. Bush.  There is nothing to lose for their GOP and it seems if the GOP wins the special election, there will be a further movement to draft US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to run for Governor.

When Eliot Ness shut down the corruption in Chicago in the 1970’s  it gave the GOP a new streak of dominance and I am starting to smell there could be another 30 year dominance streak in the State of Illinois regardless of Obama.

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