IL Dems Are Ducking the Calls of the People for a Special Election and the GOP in IL is Wedging the Issue Home

Today, as there was constant bickering over a special election for the US Senate Seat in Illinois, we know one thing is for certain the Democrats in the State of Illinois cannot hold onto their word for a special election.  They know right now they are afraid that if a special election happens and if Mark Kirk or Peter Roskam runs that there could be a landslide.  They do not want to admit to the people of Illinois that they are afraid to see a Republican have Obama’s senate seat.

When 70% of the Illinois people want a special election, major newspapers like the Tribune and Sun-Times and the Rockford Register-Star want a special election along with most major TV News Stations in Chicago like NBC 5 and CBS 2 demanding a special election, there is a loud call from people in the State of Illinois that they are sick and tired of the constant corruption especially with the Democrats.

Mike Madigan the Illinois House Speaker doesn’t like taking orders from his daughter Lisa Madigan the Attorney General who wants a special election in Illinois.  As this scandal as unfolded, this has allowed the Illinois GOP to rise to the occasion and now their leadership is not going to let up on the issue.  Friends I know that are Illinois natives are getting sick of the political corruption, and they expect nothing but a shot to pick their next US Senator. 

People may argue a special election may cost Illinois $30 million dollars, but its $30 million well spent to kicking corruption out of Illinois, Cook County-AKA Crook County, and having Illinois have a new beginning.  I agree with the US Attorney that this corruption would make Lincoln turn in his grave, and I would add this would make Ronald Reagan and the late, great Henry Hyde a very, very honorable Illinois politician turn in his grave. 

Despite, I live in Wisconsin I care about this matter because Madison has Chicago style corruption already with Jim Doyle, and taxpayers in Wisconsin pay for their play politics.  If you really care of ridding every state of Chicago style corruption I encourage you if you have friends or family in Illinois tell them call their legislators, call them not just one time, five times, and make sure they have the message loud and clear, it is the people’s seat not Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn’s. An excellent website from the IL GOP on the web of corruption in Illinois.

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