Blago: “I am going to Fight, Fight, Fight”

I just got done watching Blagojevich’s press conference and today’s press conference is nothing but typical Illinois politics.  Blago did not take any answers from journalists in Chicago and across America who are looking for the truth.

Blago vehemently denies any wrongdoing in the press conference, but he did not have any response for a lengthy string of FBI wiretaps in the affidavit produced by Northern Illinois US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald that proves he committed these serious political crimes.  Blagojevich is referring Fitzgerald and the Republicans as a “political lynch mob.”

This is really putting a stain on the Democrats in Illinois and across the United States.  The Republicans in Illinois are showing to their state and America they are not dead as they have thrown former Gov. George Ryan under bus and putting an aggressive ad campaign to advertise themselves as the party of reform.  Now, it is up to the GOP in Illinois to keep putting the pressure on the Blagojevich democrats.  If they keep the pressure on and if they find the right candidate like Mark Kirk or Peter Roskam to run for US Senate or IL Governor they will make a strong comeback in 2010. 

If 70 percent of Illinois citizens support a special election, then it proves that the GOP is effective in driving the issue home.  Pat Quinn, Mike Madigan, Emil Jones are all guilty of passing the buck and I can predict there will be a serious backlash to Blago and the Dems in 2010.

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