Wisconsin Football’s Loss Is Inexcusable, I am getting sick of seeing the team embarrased on National TV

Saturday was not a good day to be a badger, and let me tell you I am very embarrased over a 42-13 loss over Florida State.  This loss is pretty inexcusable along to comprehend over a horrible season our team has had. 

Bret Bielema has embarrased every fan in every corner in the State of Wisconsin from Appleton to Milwaukee, the alumni, and everyone who gives a darn about the Badgers.  Our state has had enough of mediocrity on the football field in Madison and Bret Bielema needs to get serious about 2009 because the fans will be motivaited to get Bielema fired like in 2009 and the same people who will try to fire Bielema will be motovaited to vote Jim Doyle out of office and replace him with Scott Walker as Governor.

On a funny note, Jim Doyle has been bad luck for Badgers football, and yes all the good bowl wins happened under good old Tommy Thompson.  Maybe if we need a change in Wisconsin, we need a change from Brewers manager to Governor.  Scott Walker would not let this happen.

We have a proud football team with 16 Big Ten Titles, 3 Rose Bowl wins, and the 1942 Helms Foundation National Title, YES we have a national title in football, and we need to have a team that will contend for Big Ten and National Championships in College Football.  People in Wisconsin are hungry for change from Football to Governors, 2009 and 2010 is change Wisconsin can beleive in.

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