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Thoughts on the Senseless Incident between Michigan and Michigan State Hockey

Many people who know me well say I love ice hockey as I am a die hard Wisconsin Badgers fan, but I am commenting about a recent, horrific incident during the Michigan-Michigan State game when a senseless and classless incident … Continue reading

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NSE to OWN: Very Funny Press Release, But Skirts Away from the Reality of Governor Doyle’s Fiscal Mismanagement

Just yesterday when Mark Block the State Director at Americans for Prosperity issued a press release talking why the excessive regulation and the corecion of the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming is harming business, One Wisconsin Now issues another … Continue reading

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State of the State 2009: No Solutions from the Governor, Just More of the Same Old Rhetoric

Last Night, Governor Doyle may provide a somber State of the State Address, but the Governor did not tell you one thing that his policies as a Governor even during a bad economy has failed. We are at this point … Continue reading

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The 2009 New Jersey Governor’s Race will Set the Political Barometer in 2010 Midterm Elections.

This year the State of New Jersey along Virginia are the only two states to have elections for Governor as 2009 is considered a off year for elections, but the race for Governor in the Garden State will give a … Continue reading

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One Wisconsin Now Issues a Fluffy Press Release that is Basically Nothing but Fluff on the State GOP

One Wisconsin Now, a progressive liberal organization in Wisconsin has issued another fluffy press release which is nothing but fluff titling “Wisconsin GOP Leaders to Wisconsin: Yes We Can’t”. Lets get to the facts of the press release.  First, this … Continue reading

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For the Good of the Chippewa Valley, Please Resign Mr. Jeff Wood

As this week new charges of pot possession and a Third Offense DUI come to Wisconsin State Representative Jeff Wood (I-Chippewa Falls-67th District) the North Shore Exponent makes it clear that for the sake of clean Government and to prevent … Continue reading

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Scott Walker is Right to Say No to Obama Stimulus as Walker Joins a Growing Chorus of Fiscal Hawks who Oppose Governor Doyle’s Bailout Gimmick

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is a brave leader who was not afraid to tell the truth.  Scott Walker was forcefully attacked by Lee Holloway and scores of the Milwaukee Democrat machine from the Coggs family of Spencer and Maricia … Continue reading

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