Political Predictions for 2009

Happy New Year from the North Shore Exponent.  This year will have a lot of twists and turns in store for politics and it is time I give out a list of political predictions and some other predictions for 2009.  We will Category them in Federal, State, and Other Predictions.

First, here is what I predict for Wisconsin

1. Thanks to the Obama Stimulus package, KRM-Commuter Rail and Milwaukee-Madison Amtrak will be a reality as legislative approval will be trumped at the state level thanks to the King of Pork Dave Obey.

2. Wisconsin will have a state budget proposed by Governor Doyle just like Governor David Paterson in New York State loaded full of tax increases from soda to i-pods and fees.  Jim Doyle said “nothing’s off the table” on a recent interview on Today’s TMJ 4, and it gives you the indication that Doyle will sock us again with more taxes.

3. Right after Wisconsin gets angry at Governor Doyle for a tax-loaded State Budget, Scott Walker will announce his candidacy for Governor in 2010 and it will create a change movement that will hit the issue of jobs and the economy home.

4. There will be evident tensions between the Milwaukee caucus of the Democrats in the Wisconsin Legislature versus the rest of the Wisconsin Democrats that will showcase a ugly state budget battle.

5. Jeff Wood will resign from office after being convicted of Marijuana possession and DUI.

Washington  DC Predictions

1. President Barack Obama will pass a loaded stimulus package but loaded full of pork that will make groups like Americans for Prosperity angry.

2. Thanks to Saxby Chambliss being elected to the US Senate and allowing the GOP to fillibuster expect  bad bills like “Card Check” to not pass in this Congress.  Chambliss will make Chuck Schumer go over the top when card check will again be killed in Congress by the fillibuster.

3. Expect more bailouts for the Big 3 Automakers now with Obama in office.  The bailout mania will not stop as this is seeming to be like 1976 all over again.

4. Barack Obama will appoint either a minority or female justice to the United States Supreme Court as I predict either John Paul Stevens or Ruth Bader Ginsburg will resign from their posts from the Supreme Court.  I will not be surprised that Obama will appoint a pro-immigration Supreme Court Justice like Ruben Castillo a Federal District Judge from Chicago who has worked for the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund a pro-immigration organization that argues for amnesty.  Also, expect Diane Wood from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals or Sonija Sotamajor from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to be appointed in the event Ruth Bader Ginsburg resigns.

5. More staffers in the Obama White House/Transition will resign in the widening probe of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  I will not be surprised that we will see people like Rahm Emanuel or Valerie Jarrett be further implicated in which they must resign.

Other Predictions

1. Despite there are only 2 Governor’s Elections in the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2009, expect the seats to flip from Blue to Red as Steve Lonegan a pro-taxpayer friend and Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell will become Governors of these states in which they used to be the beacons of prosperity and hope.  This will be an excellent rallying point for other states like Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and others who will vote out the Democrats and replace them with pro-taxpayer candidates in 2010 as 2010 will be the best year for pro-taxpayer candidates to run for office in a long while.

2. There will be a Special Election for the Illinois US Senate Seat after Roland Burris is sent packing and expect a Republican to become the next US Senator for Illinois as either Mark Kirk or Peter Roskam will become the next US Senator.

3. Mike Ditka will announce his bid for Illinois Governor for the GOP and he will launch a sweeping campaign across Illinois who are sick of the Blagojevich corruption.

4. Expect Gordon Brown to no longer be British Prime Minister as there will be a summer general election in Britain in which David Cameron and the Conservative Party will sweep up Parliament in Britain.  This will be like in 1979 when Lady Thatcher and the Conservatives swept up Labor and was a precursor to conservative resurgence back in the US.  Expect a Cameron win to fire up the Right in the US.

5.  Dustin Sheerer will not be the Badgers Starting Quarterback as a Freshmen phenom from Tennessee Curt Phillips who redshirted this year will lead to the resurgence of UW Football.  Expect if Phillips starts an unprecedented 12 and 1 season, Bret Bielema saves his job, and hopefully a BCS bid for Wisconsin.  If Wisconsin gets screwed over in the computer polls, expect Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to pass a bill in Congress to ban the use of computer polls in picking national champions for college sports.

6. The surging Wisconsin Men’s Ice Hockey team will make the Final Four in Washington DC.  Expect both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama together in the same luxury box at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC to kiss and make up after a rough election.

7. Brewers will win again and win 90 games under Ken Macha, and expect Mike McCarthy to get fired.

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One Response to Political Predictions for 2009

  1. Carmelo says:

    Good predictions! Amazing!

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