Scott Walker is Right to Say No to Obama Stimulus as Walker Joins a Growing Chorus of Fiscal Hawks who Oppose Governor Doyle’s Bailout Gimmick

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is a brave leader who was not afraid to tell the truth.  Scott Walker was forcefully attacked by Lee Holloway and scores of the Milwaukee Democrat machine from the Coggs family of Spencer and Maricia Coggs to Lee Holloway the President of the County Board.

Scott Walker said to the bailout for a simple reason because our state budget and Milwaukee County’s budget could not afford a bigger deficit at a time when many people are losing jobs and seeing our state hurt economically.  The economy is not just the problem why we have this massive budget deficit in Wisconsin.  The problem lies when the economy was good in Wisconsin.

First, Governor Jim Doyle has wasted taxpayer dollars by raiding from segreagated fee funds like the Injured Patient Compensation Fund and the Transportation Fund to try to fix the budget holes that are gaping in Wisconsin.  Second, before the people in Wisconsin banned the Frankenstien veto in 2008 on a ballot measure, Governor Doyle abused his power by using the line item veto pen to create more wasteful deficit spending and load it with pork barrel goodies to satisfy the special interests.

At a time when our budget is getting worse and people are losing their jobs it is irresponsible on the role of Democrats to add on more spending and perhaps add more taxes and say this will solve the problem.  The problem is that our state is spending way too much and for two we need to be cutting the fat.  This is why I am saying we need to cut taxes in order to get people back to work.

At a time when the State of Wisconsin has one of the worst business climates in America, we cannot afford to go back to the era of Tony Earl and add on double digit business taxes that will drive jobs out of Wisconsin.  I agree with many people we need to get people back to work, but the incentive needs to come to the private sector to increase the jobs we have.  It is about  setting priorities to getting the job done for hard working families who are suffering under liberal nonsense policies in a bad economy.

Here are the solutions I present to fixing the economic mess in Wisconsin.

1. It is time to re-do the entire Commerce Department.  This is a big reason why we are being saddled on job growth as we have too many economic development agencies in Wisconsin it is time to cut the size of the Commerce Department.  We need to cut first the economic development agencies we do not need which helps save our budget money.  Second, we need to have a goal to cut the commerce Department in half by the next two to four years.  Having this goal will send a message to businesses in Wisconsin that we are open for business.  Another thing we must do is not make the Commerce Secretary cabinet level as I have been told by people in other states that Wisconsin should re-do their entire commerce department.

2. We need to prohibit the Combined Corporate Reporting Tax and have a overall reduction in business taxes, this will help businesses relieve pressure in a tight economy.  We need to protect small businesses not have them flee for Indiana, Minnesota, or Illinois.

3. A REAL property tax freeze in which we need to freeze property taxes so we can keep seniors in their homes.  After a freeze, we need to re-do the property tax system and prohibit market based appraisal of property taxes.  Many states like Texas are putting plans in place to prohibit market based appraisal and replace it on the last selling value on how your property taxes are assessed.  It is a more fairer way to assess property taxes and it make school districts more accountable with your tax dollars along with town and city governments.

4. Wisconsin can serve working families the best by first cutting income taxes and two finally putting a freeze on tuition for ALL UW System Students, not just give it to a group of students.  It is irresponisbile on the part of Democrats to raise taxes on  people who are hurting.  The thing is we need to empower private enterprise to create jobs not have the Government pick winners and losers.

Scott Walker is fighting to keep jobs from leaving Wisconsin as Russ Decker and the entire Democratic caucus should be ashamed of themselves from engaging in partisan warfare despite they demand a bi-partisan spirit.  After when Wisconsin passes a New York style state budget loaded full of taxes, expect Scott Walker to go after Doyle with envy as he will run for Governor in 2010.

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3 Responses to Scott Walker is Right to Say No to Obama Stimulus as Walker Joins a Growing Chorus of Fiscal Hawks who Oppose Governor Doyle’s Bailout Gimmick

  1. Max Jones says:

    Nice post! I too think Walker is right on the spot. He needs to take advantage of this opportunity and propose that the state not take the bailout money at all. He needs to stand up and provide the leadership to the state that Doyle can’t seem to muster and tell the people of Wisconsin that as Governor, he would reject this for the entire state. This is his opportunity. This is his path to the Governor’s Office!

  2. Serena says:

    I agree with you. This is the worst time to increase spending. I also believe that there is a plague of overspending and it starts with the head, the federal government. The old adage goes, “start at home and spread aboard”, well in this case it started at the federal government and spreaded to the states then to the towns. Everyone needs to be held accountable.

    I can assure you that no company is fleeing for Indiana. Indiana has not had many if not no new companies come to this state.

    I think that the situation that you speak of is plaguing the whole midwest. I also think that the midwest as a whole need some new fresh and fair politics.

  3. Kyle Maichle says:

    So far a lot of good responses to hear from people who are knowing that we cannot bail our way out to fix the budget problems in the states. I agree with Serena that it starts with the Feds as the Feds need to keep the pork barrel giveaways in check. Also, if states are looking for bailouts some of their governments, these Governors need to examine their big spending first before asking the Feds for a bailout.

    The Midwest has a lot of oppurtunities for new leadership as you have to consider for 2010 that IL, WI, MI, and OH have very vulnerable situations. Michigan depending on who runs can be a blue to red flip because the Democrats in Michigan are vulnerable because Jenny Granholm is term limited under MI’s Laws, IL if Pat Quinn runs for Governor a lot of things can happen.

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