For the Good of the Chippewa Valley, Please Resign Mr. Jeff Wood

As this week new charges of pot possession and a Third Offense DUI come to Wisconsin State Representative Jeff Wood (I-Chippewa Falls-67th District) the North Shore Exponent makes it clear that for the sake of clean Government and to prevent any Chicago/New Jersey Style corruption to further taint Wisconsin, we ask Mr. Wood to resign.

Voters of his district in Chippewa Falls should be alarmed that he has engaged in conduct that if he still allowed to be a voting member of the Wisconsin State Assembly that would further put a dark cloud as the people of Wisconsin are demanding ethics and transparency.  Mr. Wood should think about how much his actions are affecting his district.  We think that Wood should not be another Rod Blagojecvich and be defiant about this whole matter, we believe that Jeff Wood should resign and let a Special Election happen so the people of Chippewa Falls.  Three DUI’s and a drug conviction are enough and Jeff Wood has committed even an offense so egregious that he should be impeached.

Call Representative Jeff Wood :


(888) 534-0067 or (608) 266-1194 and tell him the people of the 67th District need a honest, ethical leader, and tell him to resign.
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