One Wisconsin Now Issues a Fluffy Press Release that is Basically Nothing but Fluff on the State GOP

One Wisconsin Now, a progressive liberal organization in Wisconsin has issued another fluffy press release which is nothing but fluff titling “Wisconsin GOP Leaders to Wisconsin: Yes We Can’t”.

Lets get to the facts of the press release.  First, this press release attacks Scott Walker, Jeff and Scott Fitzgerald, and Rich Zipperer, but the press release only defends their attacks as right now Wisconsin taxpayers are getting more fed up about the stimulus in which every day is becoming more of a sham and a political con job.

What OWN doesn’t want to tell you in their fluffy press release that they are  for making Wisconsin’s fiscal crisis worse by asking for at least $ 3.2  billion in stimulus aid.  Wisconsin has had for way too long in both parties using one time buyouts to balance budget messes.  What every taxpayer is dreading right now in Wisconsin is the State Budget.  What One Wisconsin Now doesn’t want to tell you that they are for making Wisconsin’s Business Climate worse as now the State Senate of Wisconsin passed four new  bills to make our business climate worse and drive jobs out of Wisconsin as the non-partisan Tax Foundation says we are near the ten worse states for business climate.

What OWN is doing that they are painting a pretty picture skirting around the reality of the sham of the stimulus package while at the same time Wisconsin taxpayers are dreading that the Democrats in control of the State Government will raise taxes across the board.  Why will taxes go up in the State Budget is that  the progressive left is not going to get enough stimulus aid to their satisfaction that the hard working people of Wisconsin will be hit with a higher tax bill.  With Wisconsin only receiving over $3 billion in stimulus aid, expect the structural deficit to get worse, expect all people to have their income taxes go up, and expect the sick tax, the oil franchise tax, and also a load of other excise taxes that would make Governor David Paterson and New York’s State Budget that would put the Empire State in the Minor Leagues alone.

What I said about what One Wisconsin Now is not going to tell you is just an attempt to use political puffery to avoid the reality that its not just the economy, but its the fiscal mismanagement of the Doyle Administration that has put Wisconsin in this position. 

Wisconsin needs to wake up and realize that we cannot bail out ourselves out of budget mess and add on more debt to Wisconsin’s growing fiscal crisis. Read the Fluffy OWN Press Release

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4 Responses to One Wisconsin Now Issues a Fluffy Press Release that is Basically Nothing but Fluff on the State GOP

  1. Tom Humes says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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  3. Max Jones says:

    Wow, where to start, faulty logic and bad facts all around.

    Just the facts.

    1. You say the State Senate has passed four bills to make our tax climate worse. Fact – the State Senate hasn’t passed a single bill on anything yet this session, let alone something to make the tax climate worse.

    2. You say that WI is near the ten worse states for business. Fact – when Jim Doyle came into office after SIXTEEN YEARS of GOP rule, Wisconsin was 3rd worse. Now its outside of the top ten. Pretty good progress for someone you call anti-business.

    3. You say to expect a whole hodge podge of taxes to go up as a result of ONLY getting $3.2 billion from the feds. Fact – come on, if the deficit is $2.2 billion as a result, sure, you are going to see some revenue generators that have been widely talked about – hospital assessment, oil tax, cigarette – but do you really think Doyle staring at a run for a third term is going to touch the income tax? Nice fear mongering. I would bet you tell your kids there’s a boogey man too.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      First, you have to realize that the bailout money is a one time fix to the budget problems in Wisconsin. The problem is that because the current governor has raided money from the transportation fund and the medical malpractice patient compensation fund to fix the budget is not right and that is something that Doyle did in the previous budget.

      Two, it is not fear mongering, because the Democrats are expecting a complete bailout to fix the budget gap. But, Senator Russ Decker said don’t expect a cigarette tax, but Rep. Mark Pocan said you may see tax increases across the board.

      Lastly, on the hospital assessment tax because it violates the principle of compassionate care, whatever happened to treating the patient. Before states consider this tax, the Federal Government needs to audit medicaid up and down. Also, the sick tax could violate the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States as it would be more restrictive.

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