The 2009 New Jersey Governor’s Race will Set the Political Barometer in 2010 Midterm Elections.

This year the State of New Jersey along Virginia are the only two states to have elections for Governor as 2009 is considered a off year for elections, but the race for Governor in the Garden State will give a very good indication for what 2010 has in store.

Here’s why, New Jersey a historic liberal state is faced with a very important choice for their Governor as New Jersey is at a crossroads.  New Jersey has a committed conservative challenger in Steve Lonegan who is ready to take on current Governor Jon Corzine in which his approval ratings are very dismal.  New Jersey is the worst of the worst in small business climate, higher taxes, excess regulation, corruption, and government waste.

This race will be looked at highly because many Americans are growing more fed up with the Obama Stimulus as Republicans along with Democrats are growing more discontent with the proposal with each passing day.  This sentiment along with New Jersey’s disapproval towards a Governor who has ran once one of the most prosperous states in the Union backwards could propel New Jersey to flip from blue to red.  Lonegan has the infrastructure with his work with Americans for Prosperity, and fresh off of defeating Corzine on three occasions in the past two years including defeating ballot measures on eminent domain and increasing the sales tax to fund for more debt.  Also, last year Steve Lonegan and AFP-New Jersey was able to defeat Corzine in a toll hike scheme that sounded more like a ponzi scheme on taxpayers and you got a recipe that a Lonegan win in New Jersey would send a strong message to the Democrats across America that safe seats will not be safe in 2010.  Also, add on the fact that Lonegan has already $1 million dollars plus in the bank right now putting his campaign in good financial shape to begin which even outnumber the other Republicans including former US Attorney Chris Christie who has not have the infrastructure set up.  Also, add on the fact that Lonegan is also seeking to have like minded people to run too for State Legislature this is why New Jersey this year will matter for 2010 everywhere else across America.

A Lonegan win in New Jersey would help spread the message that America has had enough of excessive government and high taxes as a Lonegan win would help candidates running for Governor  in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois which desperately need a change in Governors.  This November in New Jersey,  the political barometer will be set for next year’s key midterm elections across the nation as it could prove now that there could be no such thing as a safe seat.  The next conservative revolution may start this November in one of the first states in the union, New Jersey and spread its way to Wisconsin.  New Jersey is the Republicans version of what the Democrats have been able to do in Colorado.

http://www.lonegan.comThe Official Website of Steve Lonegan for Governor Campaign

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