NSE to OWN: Very Funny Press Release, But Skirts Away from the Reality of Governor Doyle’s Fiscal Mismanagement

Just yesterday when Mark Block the State Director at Americans for Prosperity issued a press release talking why the excessive regulation and the corecion of the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming is harming business, One Wisconsin Now issues another satire and fluffy press release which makes you laugh but offers the same old response.

I used to been an intern for Americans for Prosperity and I am proud AFP member, but what OWN said that AFP is a mouthpiece for big oil is the same rheotric OWN has used since the 2007 state budget crisis. 

One Wisconsin Now is publishing these press releases attacking taxpayer groups like the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and Americans for Prosperity because OWN is skirting around the reality that the Governor they support has played a signficant role in the state’s budget crisis by using the same old one time gimmicks and tricks to balance the budget while Wisconsin citizens are suffering.  If OWN is complaning about where was the Bush Administration to hold big oil accountable in this bad economy, I have to ask where were you OWN to hold Governor Doyle accountable when he was taking money before the economic crisis from segregated fee funds to fix the budget problems and where were you in this last legislative session to hold the Senate Democrats accountable too. 

The more satitre and fluffy OWN’s press releases are show how much people in Wisconsin are getting tired of the so-called progressive left agenda that is shipping  jobs out of Wisconsin.  It’s time to get real and know that One Wisconsin Now is only in the business of blocking momentum and making the economy worse, not offer solutions and use the same old blame game.

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