State of the State 2009: No Solutions from the Governor, Just More of the Same Old Rhetoric

Last Night, Governor Doyle may provide a somber State of the State Address, but the Governor did not tell you one thing that his policies as a Governor even during a bad economy has failed.

We are at this point because Governor Doyle broke his key campaign promise back in 2002 that he would balance a budget “the old fashioned way, without accounting tricks or gimmicks.”    Go to 2009, a state budget deficit close to $6 billion, not just because of a bad economy, but because we had bad budgeting practices under Governor Doyle in the first place.  Governor Doyle would not admit the problem he committed or the campaign promise he broke, all he just said is to sacrifice and see the deficit go up.

You can tell from these words that your taxes will be going up because the Governor has one raided money from the transportation fund, two excessive use of the Frankenstein veto now banned and three taking money from the injured patients compensation fund.  It is clear you can tell from those fund raids that when Governor Doyle passes the budget you can expect a uncompassionate “sick tax”, see your gas prices increase due to an unnecessary oil franchise fee tax, and see more money taken out of your paycheck to pay for Doyle’s irresponsible budget.

Doyle could show graphs to the people of Wisconsin of how bleak the situation is, but Doyle needs to realize now is the time to not scare people to take bold and deliberate action to get our people back to work.  Scott Walker said we need a bold tax cut for all, and that is what we need to get our economy moving, its happened with Reagan and JFK.  We do not need more one time gimmicks to solve this crisis, we need real budgeting solutions to prevent another calamity like this.  We are #38 in business climate by the Tax Foundation, but still I am not satisified with being in thirty-eighth place as our state has a long way to go.

Before anyone uses the George Bush argument, lets ask all the left groups where were you to hold your governor accountable all this time while blaming the other side?  You come out now and issue satricial press releases while ducking the reality that your party in control of the State Senate in the last legislative session and now your Governor over the past six plus years have passed the buck to the taxpayers and not offering a real explanation.

The state of the state is ugly and we need to hold this Governor and the Democrats accountable before Wisconsin becomes another state run in the mode of incompetent New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

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One Response to State of the State 2009: No Solutions from the Governor, Just More of the Same Old Rhetoric

  1. The Asian Badger says:

    Actually, it’s more like Louisiana under the Dems. Wisconsin is getting poorer in a GDP sense as Doyle looks for ways to increase taxes. Not a good formula.

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