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A New Feature, Dummy of the Month Award-Winner for February is State Rep. Mark Pocan and One Wisconsin Now

As now how our mainstream values in Wisconsin are eroding, the North Shore Exponent is doing something new to bring to light who try destroy our values and way of life in Wisconsin and is to award them with something … Continue reading

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Card Check if Passed, Would Be Harmful to Wisconsin’s Economy

This past week, Americans for Prosperity back in North Carolina had a rally beginning a nationwide “Save My Ballot” Tour.  The rally is to preserve the secret ballot union elections which is guaranteed under Federal Laws.  Right now, the Democrats … Continue reading

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Governor Doyle’s State Budget is Killing the Wisconsin Economy

This week was a ugly week in Madison for Wisconsin’s economy as first, the Democrats in control of the State Legislature deserve a big fat “F” for their handling of the economic stimulus/budget repair bill in Wisconsin.  A bill rammed … Continue reading

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After her decisive Primary Performance, Wisconsin needs Rose Fernandez to Lead Wisconsin’s Public Schools

This April, a very monumental race will be on the ballot despite a low turnout and now with a very strong and convincing primary performance, Wisconsin needs to elect Rose Fernandez as our next public schools leader in Wisconsin. Fernandez … Continue reading

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Archbishop Dolan in the wake of New York City Rumors is part of Wisconsin’s Long Tradition of Excellent Catholic Church Leaders

The rumors have been swirling around now even with the Italian press showing that Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan could become the next Archbishop of New York City.  If this happens this would be the third leadership change of a Wisconsin … Continue reading

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The Senate’s Vote to Approve the Obama Stimulus Today further shows we are a nation that has been pork barrel spending on steroids.

61 Senators including three Republicans who are not acting like Republicans in the Senate shows today in their vote for the so-called Obama Stimulus plan shows we are a nation gone on steroids on pork barrel spending.  Now with over … Continue reading

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Lisa Stone Made a Poor Politically Correct Decision to Suspend Mariah Dunham over Defending herself

Over the past couple days there has been a verbal boxing match over the UW Women’s Basketball team dismissing Mariah Dunham over defending herself at a karaoke bar when confronted by an agressive male.  First, many of you know I … Continue reading

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