The Big Porker in the Whole Stmulus Bill Loaded Full of Pork, Congressman Dave Obey is Porking it Again

Yesterday as I had an awesome, big barbecue pork sandwich for dinner at Boston Blackie’s in the Chicago loop I had to imagine the size of the sandwich is just the representation of how much loaded full pork the so-called Obama Stimulus plan is especially with the price tag close to $900 billion dollars.

The big beneficiary of this pork barrel bill gone on steroids is the good old king of pork himself thirty-eight year incumbent Dave Obey of Wisconsin (7th District).  The Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee has allowed groups like the SEIU (Service Workers International Union), and many left-wing special interests jam up the bill with their pet projects avoiding the nature of our political process.

Congressman Obey has been one who has gotten away with deceiving the American people telling all the major media outlets that there would be no pork.  That is only if he learned his lesson in 2007 when I was an intern at Americans for Prosperity and we had a pig on wheels called “Ten Pence” protesting Dave Obey in front of his Wausau District Office when he waffled on the same earmark reform he promised only because he said that his staffers had no time to review the over 30,000 earmark requests.    Now this week, hosts like Sean Hannity are ripping on Dave Obey again for making one promise of earmark reform on the stimulus bill but allowing left wing special interests and some congressmen to load it full of pork without facing the hard debate of Senator Tom Coburn on the Senate floor also known as “Dr. No Pork” who would expose this wasteful pork in the day of light.

The pork sandwich I ate was a symbolic protest of how much loaded full of pork the Obama stimulus is and knowing that enough is enough.  If it had one message to send to the fat cat Democrats in Washington, I sure took a bite out of your pet project.

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One Response to The Big Porker in the Whole Stmulus Bill Loaded Full of Pork, Congressman Dave Obey is Porking it Again

  1. thescoundrel says:

    Pork Fat is the chosen sustenance of legislators and lobbyists across the Nation.

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