Lisa Stone Made a Poor Politically Correct Decision to Suspend Mariah Dunham over Defending herself

Over the past couple days there has been a verbal boxing match over the UW Women’s Basketball team dismissing Mariah Dunham over defending herself at a karaoke bar when confronted by an agressive male.  First, many of you know I am a Badger Alum, but I am very turned off by this politically correct move Stone made to dismiss her over because Dunham defended her personal safety when it was at risk.  First, I have to say shame on you Lisa Stone for making a pretty liberal and politically correct decision that would make Nancy Pelosi proud.  Dunham has every right to defend herself against someone compromising her personal safety at a karaoke bar. 

Second, Mariah Dunham had every right to use the mainstream media to defend her case, but also when I heard that from other fans that Coach Lisa Stone is alledgely not being forthright and honest with Dunham as the UW never ddisclosed a previous team rules violation to and to cover it up saying she had a back injury further proves she has lost her trust with the fans of Wisconsin and the public at large.  Honestly, from what I heard around Madison as I have been good friends with athletes that Stone has had a tendency for having personality issues with her players, and how Stone reacted very moody against how Dunham defending herself shows that Lisa Stone is nothing but a politically correct, liberal hack that does not understand the right that women need to defend therselves as things become dangerous in the outside world especially in all places, Madison.  If Lisa Stone cannot understand  Maslow’s Hierarchy on the need to defend, then I am sure she had flunked Introductory Psychology in college.  If Lisa Stone could ever understand the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in this instance then she would not act like any typical liberal hack in Madison.

This example further shows as a society and as a nation, we are being too politically correct, and from looking at the comments on the websites as fans are praising Dunham for sticking up because the majority of the fans say that Dunham was treated unfairly.  Dunham also had every right to show that there was inequity being caused on how different sports treat situations like what Dunham was in.  My take is that Lisa Stone overreacted and acted very poorly and unprofessional on the handling of this matter.  I urge badger fans to contact the Athletic Department and the Athletic Board and tell them that Mariah Dunham should not be dismissed from the team for defending herself and also demand for Lisa Stone’s resignation.  If we get some good comments on this page, the North Shore Exponent will start a petition drive to demand the firing of Lisa Stone. WKOW-TV ABC 27 of Madison Article on the Dunham Decision Video is still up from the Friday Press Conference of Lisa Stone defending her decision, watch and decide for yourself if Stone is handling this situation poorly. Article from the Capital Times with Fan Comments sticking up for Dunham.

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7 Responses to Lisa Stone Made a Poor Politically Correct Decision to Suspend Mariah Dunham over Defending herself

  1. Strega says:

    Thanks to your own political agenda, you have totally missed the point of this whole situation. Lisa Stone’s politics had nothing to do with her actions. More to the point, Stone’s actions indicate that she is desperate. She knows her job is in jeopardy, and she’s likely using Mariah Dunham as a scapegoat.

  2. Scott Carviou says:

    I am 100% in favor of firing Lisa Stone for this ridiculous decision. If you check out the Men’s basket ball team currently under Bo Ryan, I guess it is then safe to say in the Athletic Dept’s eyes that defending yourself is a worse decision than DRIVING DRUNK, right Mr. Gullickson!!

    For Barry Alvarez to give Lisa Stone the OK to let Dunham go, yet Gullickson still plays for Bo Ryan is decision enough to fire either Stone or Bo for keeping the DUI recipient.

  3. I have to echo some of what Strega says. What is so “liberal and politically correct” about dismissing Dunham? It could just as easily be said to be conservative and politically insensitive because it didn’t allow enough due process and it treated a woman (traditionally) as if she had to be meek and submissive. If there’s anything political about this, to me it seems more Right wing than Left wing, but as with Strega, I don’t think it was charged with a political agenda of the variety liberal versus conservative.

    Of course I just realized that it looks like this blog is first and foremost a Right Wing journal, so I guess that would explain coming up with a political position first and then grasping at straws to shove concrete situations into the ideology. I was looking for stories about the Dunham situation, not Rush Limbaugh, Jr.

  4. Jobu says:

    Mariah should now transfer to UW-Eau Claire (and perhaps take a couple with her), where she can lead the Blugolds to the undefeated season Lisa Stone couldn’t, and to the championship that Lisa Stone couldn’t.

    UWEC is also the second-best academic school in the system, so that’ll minimize that dropoff. In addition, Eau Claire has the most bars per capita for a city of its size. Also, two excellent local breweries (ok, one’s in Chippewa, but that’s close enough.)

  5. Paul says:

    Lisa Stone is a bad basketball coach. That is all that matters. With the amount of money UW spends on athletics her performance is a grade A joke. No fans go, because her teams stink. Have any of her teams made the NCAA Tournament? I don’t think so and that is pathetic.

    It is time for UW to get serious about winning and it will show it is serious when it gets rid of this LOSER.

  6. altergrrrl says:

    You have horrible grammar and your logic is pretty shaky, too. I came looking for stories on Mariah Dunham, and maybe some interesting thoughts on the situation. Someone attacked her and she defended herself? Yeah, I can read that a hundred other places. Bummer.

    Seems to me that the “politically correct” and “liberal” choice (for Stone and the Athletic Department) would have been this — blame someone else for Mariah’s choices and make excuses for people who break rules.

  7. Randal R Jonas says:

    Mariah is a 20-yr old co-ed who is not even legally old enough to be in a bar in Wisconsin. Also, Kyle Maicle, get your facts straight before you go on a rant. Mariah wasn’t the one being harrassed. Her friend was. Mariah interfered & punched a guy in the face. Unprovoked. Twist or distort the facts to fit your dissappointment, but them’s the facts, by Mariah’s own admission. The last I checked, the dog still wags the tail, not the other way around. You don’t allow the inmates to run the asylum. Lisa Stone is the head coach & decides who plays & who stays. Not State St & Regent St regular, Mariah Dunham.

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