The Senate’s Vote to Approve the Obama Stimulus Today further shows we are a nation that has been pork barrel spending on steroids.

61 Senators including three Republicans who are not acting like Republicans in the Senate shows today in their vote for the so-called Obama Stimulus plan shows we are a nation gone on steroids on pork barrel spending.  Now with over 204,000 people signing onto the NoStimulus petition at Americans for Prosperity shows that people across America regardless if they are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents show that they have had enough to this reckless spending in Washington.

I am personally very disappointed with both of my Senators in Wisconsin especially Russ Feingold who says he opposes earmarks only to approve a bill that is loaded so full of pork.  The bill now at over $830 billion dollars to fix the economic mess shows for so long we are a nation that has embraced a pork barrel spending culture.  You ask any Democrat about pork barrel spending and they think its a good thing because when I was back on campus at UW-Madison and I asked Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-2nd District-Wisconsin)  why she supports so many earmarks, she told me that “earmarks allow congresspeople to showcase projects in their community in which the normal appropriations process does not even allow.”  Many Democrats like Baldwin have acknowledge the problems of earmarks and pork barrel spending, but they have never had the teeth to stop this problem not last year, not this year, and not today to stop the Washington culture of wasteful spending.  Even Dave Obey the House Appropriations Committee Chairman from Wisconsin is still a big pork barrel spending pig in Congress because many Democrats are addicted to pork like its smoking cigarettes.  

I recommend any person who is outraged by this stimulus to go on the website of Citizens Against Government Waste at http://www.cagw.organd look at their famous “Pig Book” online.  When you look at it and when you start to get mad, you will know why Washington has embraced this culture for too long.    I will tell you the 2009 “Pig Book” will be the big whopper of all the other other pig books CAGW has produced.

One last fact, if Barack Obama as a US Senator requested for over $800 million dollars of your taxpayer dollars for earmarks for the State of Illinois, then how can we trust him as President to spend over $800 trillion dollars to mislead the nation that he is going to stimulate the economy while in reality he is spending above our means?   This is the first sign why Democrats do not see coming a conservative tsunami in the 2010 midterm elections.

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