After her decisive Primary Performance, Wisconsin needs Rose Fernandez to Lead Wisconsin’s Public Schools

This April, a very monumental race will be on the ballot despite a low turnout and now with a very strong and convincing primary performance, Wisconsin needs to elect Rose Fernandez as our next public schools leader in Wisconsin.

Fernandez who will win 31 percent of the primary vote tonight in a five person primary runoff shows that her message of not being entrenched in the special interest politics and bureaucracy of WEAC and the teacher’s unions prove that more than ever we need someone who is independent that will stand up for our kids, hold teachers and underperforming schools accountable, and deliver return on investment to the taxpayers of a overburdened state of Wisconsin which is taxed enough.

I enthusiastically support and endorse Rose Fernandez to lead our state’s public schools.  In the wake of recent violence at Bradley Tech High School in Milwaukee shows that leadership is lacking in Milwaukee Public Schools, Rose Fernandez is the ONLY candidate in the race to have a plan to turn around MPS and to hold MPS accountable.  Rose Fernandez will finally make merit pay a reality as we need to reward teachers that are competent in our schools and finally get rid of teachers that are not competent.   Rose Fernandez being a parental advocate for children and her work fighting for each child’s right for the choice of their schools with her work evident for virtual schools.

With Fernandez’s background as a pediatric trauma nurse shows that she has a sense of urgency to reform our public schools.  Watch the video on her turnaround plan to hold MPS accoountable, then pass it on.  Ask Tony Evers what his plan is?  When you know its the same old, same old from a WEAC endorsed candidate you will be moved to vote for a parent who is committed to reforming public education in Wisconsin  from top to bottom.

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