Governor Doyle’s State Budget is Killing the Wisconsin Economy

This week was a ugly week in Madison for Wisconsin’s economy as first, the Democrats in control of the State Legislature deserve a big fat “F” for their handling of the economic stimulus/budget repair bill in Wisconsin.  A bill rammed through with no public hearing, no transparency, and basically doing something that would make Nancy Pelosi proud shows now the real side of Governor  Doyle.  We are back to the lost four years Wisconsin had as a Governor when Tony Earl basically almost put the Wisconsin economy to death from 1982 to 1986 because Wisconsin was at the tail end of the prolonged Carter recession and I am bringing this point because Wisconsin lost a lot of economic development and a lot of high wage job earners to other states like Illinois and Minnesota.  Illinois Governor James R. Thompson (R) used Wisconsin’s failures of handling economic policies to his advantage as more jobs moved to Illinois.

But, fast forward to 2009 and these far-left liberals have never learned their lesson from 1982-1986.  The first part, is the combined reporting tax.  This new tax is going to ship jobs out of Wisconsin to Illinois, especially to the border states.  My older brother is a leader in a top IT firm in Neenah and when I broke the news about the new tax on multi-state corporations, he told me that one Doyle needs to go, and two he may be forced to layoff or move more jobs to Illinois.  Second, I am very concerned that Wisconsin is turning back into a welfare state especially now we may see people move to Wisconsin because now in the Obama stimulus the State of Wisconsin will be given rewards to increasing their welfare rolls.  This is not right, especially how Tommy Thompson reformed welfare in Wisconsin.

If you take a look at what happened during Tommy Thompson, Thompson used major welfare reform as a way to get Wisconsin’s economy back on track.  During his 14 years as Governor, Governor Thompson grew jobs and not just jobs, but good paying jobs in Wisconsin, and also because of this growth led to more high wage earners living in Wisconsin.  Now, under eight years under Governor Doyle, we have seen what Governor Thompson accomplished be erased as his dangerous state budget tactics including raiding money from the Transportation Fund, the Injured Patients Compensation Fund, and also with how Governor Doyle has used the “Frankenstien Veto” to steal more taxpayer dollars without legislative approval, this sums up to saying that under six years with Doyle, we have seen more jobs lost, less wealth leaving Wisconsin, and more dangerous tax policy that has set us down to the same path Governor Earl did in 1982.

This is the case right now  we face, but how Democrats are acting childish when faced with accountablity and transparency at all levels in Government.  When we see more jobs leave, especially John Deere in Horicon/Beaver Dam,  and now over 1,100 good paying jobs leaving Sheboygan for Louisiana and Kentucky, along with adding on the many more manufacturing jobs we lost since Governor Doyle took over.  This is why new polls are showing that Governor Doyle’s poor fiscal policy is putting us on the wrong track.  This is why we need Scott Walker to run for Governor.

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3 Responses to Governor Doyle’s State Budget is Killing the Wisconsin Economy

  1. Bill says:

    Doyle is one of the most incompetent governors of all. IMO this Governor is not fit to hold his office based on the merit of his proposals (budget and social) and his attempt to circumvent legal avenues to implement his ill-conceived policies. Doyle must go now – yes, we will vote him OUT!!!

    • ethel lofton says:

      i agree. this governor has to go. he’s closing his eyes and sending the wrong message. att has gotten into the business of collecting taxes to support libraries and other companies. we pay for libraries through our reg taxation at all levels of govt. the phone companies are raising fees from$.57 to $1.65 on our local and wireless services on 2/1/10. this is not right. we don’t need to be paying fees to support these entities as any working taxpayer is doing so through regular taxation. the annual cost of regular universal fees costs the phone companies under $2 per yr. this was a documentary on 60 mins during the 1990s. for them it’s a one-time fee. yet, they have been collecting fees from customers 5+ decades and have sought to raise such fees anytime they feel like, esp. costs where customers have no controls. this governor and his staff have caused ins. costs to escalate, raising car rental fees, liability fees on each vehicle, and now our phone services to the 2nd power. it’s time the governor and his staff of “yes-men/women” begone. we’ve a pompus mayor the second-time around and a careless governor, hopefully on his way out!!! he should remember, “the higher you are, the harder you fall.” i hope the next governor repeals these outrageous fees. he’s senile and sick, and his cabinet should be on their way out! cabinet members follow your leader. my party vote is open. i claim no allegiance to either.

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