Card Check if Passed, Would Be Harmful to Wisconsin’s Economy

This past week, Americans for Prosperity back in North Carolina had a rally beginning a nationwide “Save My Ballot” Tour.  The rally is to preserve the secret ballot union elections which is guaranteed under Federal Laws.  Right now, the Democrats in Congress including Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) are pressing this bill only as a payback to the unions who organized on the ground.  SEIU-Service Employees International Union have been seeking something of a payback this large because the SEIU is connected to the whole “Senate Seat for Sale” mess in Illinois.   SEIU’s motives to give Patti Blagojevich a big payback proves that the so-called Employee Free Choice Act is nothing but the Employee No Choice or Forced Choice Act.

Why will this be destructive for Wisconsin?  One, this law would remove two key pieces of the current law which requires first under current law to have 30% of the majority to vote for union authorization before having a secret ballot election in which on simple majority vote a union would be recognized by the National Labor Relations Board.  By removing, the 30% and the secret ballot, this will allow a union authorization on a simple majority without election, nor without the 30% benchmark.   This is going to open the door for intimidation and coercion of workers to join an union.

Wisconsin is a forced union state and now with companies in Sheboygan considering moves to right to work states like Kentucky and Louisiana over the worsening business climate in Wisconsin could be the beginning of a tipping point that would ship out more jobs especially manufacturing  jobs in Wisconsin.  If the Employee Free Choice Act passes, one you will see more jobs be lost especially in the paper industry in the Fox Valley region.

I remember my father worked in a union at Appleton Wire when I was first born and when worked at Outlook Graphics dealt with the intimidation of unions when there were attempts at Outlook to organize unions along with his last job at McCain Foods in Appleton as he is now retired.   What I remember is still under current law unions use high pressure intimidation tactics along with using coercion to shove it down worker’s throats.  When Appleton Wire went on strike, he was not bitter at their management for being laid off, he was bitter at the union that represented him because the union put Appleton Wire at a competitive disadvantage especially at the tail end of a prolonged recession in the 80’s.  Unions have not changed their ways and if they can understand their motives for passing card check, they would think twice before pressing this bill, because they would get the message more jobs would be lost.

Also, you add on the dangerous culture and labor practices that the public employees unions bring to Wisconsin, there is a recipe for a major economic disaster waiting to happen and it could force Wisconsin in a very deep recession.  Right now, we are seeing this as the QEO for teachers is almost on its way towards being repealed.  This rises property taxes because now if WEAC gets their way you will see property taxes increase to pay for benefit packages that WEAC wants.   The current battle of the QEO shows this could what happen if the big labor bosses backed by impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich get their way all over America.

Here is what I think if Wisconsin wants to be economically competitive, here is what we need to do other than saying:

1. Make State Government Employees Pay their Fair Share for benefits

For way too long, taxpayers have paid too much of a burden on government employees benefit packages.  The taxpayers want relief that I mean its time that Government employees should bear a little more of the burden to pay for their benefits.  Aaron Diamant at Today’s TMJ 4 in Milwaukee over the past couple years have exposed employees in Milwaukee County who make enough overtime in a year can make six figures.  This has also been exposed by the Wisconsin State Journal on prison guards all over the state who found ways to make more overtime.  If we can finally make state employees pay more of their burden then the taxpayers of Wisconsin will bear less of the burden.

2.  Make Wisconsin a Right to Work  State

You can tell that in Wisconsin those who work hard in the paper mills up in Appleton or make Ashley Furniture in Arcadia just want to work for a honest days work for a honest days pay.  Unions have not been a thing on their mind.  But, if we make Wisconsin a right to work state, it works for everyone because it would give employees a true free choice if they want to join an union or not.  The reason why we are losing jobs to Iowa and down South because of the forced unionism.

3.  Demand a Serious Review on all Union Bargaining and Negotiating Techniques in Wisconsin especially Government Employees.

With the previous example of the QEO and binding arbitration would increase if the QEO is repealed should bring into light the destructive bargaining and negotiating techniques unions have especially WEAC and AFSCME.  Some states have banned collective bargaining for state employees.  In a video YouTube had on the AFP event in North Carolina a lot of former union members have said especially the state level that unions especially the road builders use their coercion to win state contracts opening the door for corruption.  This was evident  in 2005 when Streu Construction of Manitowoc  a unionized construction company  had three executives facing criminal charges of felony bid rigging on the US 151 project from Fond du Lac to Waupun.  These examples show how unions can corrupt government contracts.

If you are a concerned worker in Wisconsin who is concerned about how the EFCA will destroy Wisconsin’s economy, I encourage you to call your Congressperson and Senators Kohl and Feingold, tell them to VOTE NO on Card Check.

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