A New Feature, Dummy of the Month Award-Winner for February is State Rep. Mark Pocan and One Wisconsin Now

As now how our mainstream values in Wisconsin are eroding, the North Shore Exponent is doing something new to bring to light who try destroy our values and way of life in Wisconsin and is to award them with something of shame and that is why we are having a Dummy of the Month Award now.

This month goes to an State Representative and Liberal Advocacy Group for trying to attack a trusted source of taxpayer information for over 75 years in Wisconsin as the left is trying to cover their butts on the state budget mess.  This month’s Dummy of the Month Award goes to State Representative Mark Pocan and One Wisconsin Now for their off-target, off-base, and tasteless attack of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and President Todd Berry over raising a fit that Mr. Berry is a guest at the Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

The first part of the award goes to Rep. Mark Pocan over a letter he sent to the Wisconsin Media by telling them to discredit the non-partisan Taxpayers Alliance as Pocan claimed their analysis of the State budget is corporate-slanted.  Pocan wrote this letter to avoid the truth that he is ready to give props to Governor Doyle for his dishonest state budgeting that is putting Wisxconsin’s economy at the brink of disaster.  Instead of holding Doyle accountable, Pocan is using the same eight years of failed policy line.  At the end of his letter he asks the media to call him Obama-like.  When you write a letter like this to the media at a time when over 1,000 hard working people in Sheboygan may have to move to Louisiana or Kentucky or  out of work due your dishonest policies, a Representative like Mark Pocan deserves to called one part of our Dummy of the Month.

The other part goes to One Wisconsin Now.  One Wisconsin Now raises the question of how much money the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance gives to Republican versus Democrat Candidates over the fact that they claim they have a conservative bias.  Doesn’t OWN know that most of the candidates they want in the legislature do not side with the taxpayers over the past ten years.  I looked at many of the special interest scorecards over the past decade and  in the early and late 90’s many Democrats were rated high on tax policy, but since Doyle became Governor, many Democrats have moved to the extreme left wing.  Why One Wisconsin Now is complaning over Todd Berry being a guest at the Wisconsin Dedfending the American Dream Summit is because they are afraid of the voices of Wisconsin Taxpayers who many including myself during the stimulus bill battle have said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.  When you are an organization that is having your back against the wall because many citizens are rejecting the radical left-wing agenda of One Wisconsin Now and are demanding for lower taxes a group like OWN has to attack as their only mechanisim to respond to discredit Mr. Berry.  One Wisconsin Now’s attack on Todd Berry’s apperance at the Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit is very childish, immature, and off the point.  Until they can hold Rep. Mark Pocan and Governor Jim Doyle accountable, they will be awarded an award of  shame, the North Shore Exponent’s Dummy of the Month Award.

http://www.wispolitics.com/1006/090225_Pocan_letter.pdf -Read Mark Pocan’s letter to the Wisconsin Media on WISTAX

http://www.wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article=150349 Read One Wisconsin Now’s Childish and Immature Attack on Todd Berry.

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One Response to A New Feature, Dummy of the Month Award-Winner for February is State Rep. Mark Pocan and One Wisconsin Now

  1. Robert says:

    From all of us at OWN, thanks so much! Coming from you, this prestigious award really touches our hearts.

    But you’re wrong. All we’re asking is that WisTax be identified as an ideological organization, cause that’s what they are. Follow the money, its easy really.

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