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Citizen Action and Peter Blewett’s Lies About Milwaukee Public Schools Deserve the March Dummy of the Month Award

The North Shore Exponent Continues its Dummy of the Month Award.  For the month of March, Milwaukee Public School Board member Peter Blewett and his special interest allies at Citizen Action are awarded this shameful dishonor for their direct mail … Continue reading

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Citizen Action Sends Out a Misleading Direct Mail Piece Claiming Milwaukee Public Schools Graduation Rate Risen by 38%

Just today I got a Direct Mail piece from Citizen Action claiming that under Milwaukee Public School Board member Peter Blewett that his  leadership help raised Milwaukee’s High School graduation rate by 38 percent.   However, Citizen Action of Wisconsin is … Continue reading

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Governor Doyle’s Budget Provision to Release Prisoners Makes Wisconsin Unsafe

If there is one issue that gets me more upset on the state budget and that is with Governor Doyle releasing prisoners early all in the name of saving money.  Personally, this is the worse way to use it to balance … Continue reading

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Liberal Media and DNC Should Be Ashamed for their Treatment of RNC Chairman Michael Steele

Over the past weekend, I saw my good friend Reince Priebus the Wisconsin State Republican party chairman who actually helped paved the way for Michael Steele to win the RNC Chairmanship.  But, in the past couple weeks, the mainstream media … Continue reading

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What a Hockey Weekend for the Badgers

The Wisconsin Badgers Mens and Women’s Hockey teams did one up this weekend as the women’s team is going to its fourth straight Women’s Frozen Four and this year the Men’s team has another NCAA bid in sight as this … Continue reading

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NY-20 Update: Scott Murphy Shows His True Colors that He Sides with Pelosi to Attack Jim Tedisco’s Good Name

As up-state New York and America are taking with interest the ultra-critical Special Election in the 20th Congressional District in New York, Scott Murphy because he cannot win on the issues is showing his true colors by teaming up with … Continue reading

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Senator Kohl’s Vote for the Omnibus Shows his True Colors as US Senator

As I just got hold of the news that the massive, wasteful Omnibus spending bill is filled full of pork barrel earmarks, there has to be credit and criticisim given.  First, I commend Senator Feingold for voting against this wasteful … Continue reading

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