Why the NY-20 Congress Special Election Matters to Wisconsin and America

The 2009 Special Election to fill the Congressional Seat in New York’s 20th District between Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy doesn’t just matter to upstate New Yorkers that make up the 20th District, it matters more to Wisconsin and for America.

This seat will determine how Michael Steele and RNC have come as this will be an early test of Steele’s leadership.  This is the first of four battles that will gauge the string of the RNC this year.  You add on the fact that New Jersey and Virginia have strong Governor candidates and the possiblity of a US Senate Special Election in Illinois are the main tests the RNC has.

Second, what we will see in the 20th District which is a Republican District in New York State and the verdict the voters will deliver after the Obama stimulus has been signed into law.  If Tedisco wins, this can set precedence in other conservative heavy districts in Congress currently held by Democrats.  What the voters will say on March 31, 2009 will perhaps set a precedence next year in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District in which Steve Kagen currently holds this seat as a good example.   Being someone who grew up in the 8th District, and recently talking with friends and family they are losing faith in Kagen as Kagen voted Yes for the Obama stimulus which does not fare well in a Republican heavy district that includes Appleton and Green Bay.  This could also set a precedence in the 14th District of Illinois and some other top-heavy conservative districts as what New York State votes will gage America’s attitude especially over now the new Obama budget.

Third, you have an excellent conservative like Jim Tedisco who has consistently fought off Governors Elliot Spitzer and David Paterson to deliver for his constituents and as leader of the New York State Assembly Republican Conference.  Tedisco’s opponent Scott Murphy has been nothing but bad news to voters in the 20th as Scott Murphy is a former Wall Street tycoon who supports bailouts and was an ex-lobbyist in Missouri.  These two ingredients to Murphy’s resume are very questionable to the hard working people that make up that district.

Today, I just got an e-mail from the Our Country Deserves Better PAC about how Murphy is going to exert his special interest influence to flood the airwaves with smear attacks thanks in part to out of state money he is receiving thanks to ActBlue an on-line fundraising tool.  Murphy is trying to shield his Wall Street bailout attitude by using out-of-state money to attack Tedisco.

This is why NY-20 matters not just to upstate New York, but to Wisconsin and America.

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