AG Van Hollen takes the Stage

James Klauser said the Federalist Society that “AG Van Hollen is one of the Top 3 Attorney Generals in the nation.”

AG Van Hollen said $1.2 million has been returned to the taxpayers since the first budget he had in 2007.  Van Hollen touted his handling of his budget at the Department of Justice while criticizing the Doyle Adminsistration for their mis-handling of the State Budget.  Van Hollen said this allowed the Wisconsin Department of Justice to quadruple the cases the Department of Criminal Investigation has been able to help law enforcement to take criminals off the street.  Also, Van Hollen said his budget cutting moves have stopped illegal immigrations.

Van Hollen railed against State Senate and Assembly Democrats for cutting funding for Assistant District Attorneys and Governor Doyle’s proposal for early release.

Van Hollen said that his conservative budgeting philosophies have allowed the DOJ to win cases against medicare fraud and also mortgage fraud as the DOJ in Wisconsin recently sued CountryWide for ripping of Wisconsin Consumers.

Van Hollen said the restitution he is recieving off the litigation is keeping his department afloat and said that his limited government philosophy is helping Wisconsin lead by example.  Van Hollen said that the previous Democrat AG’s never followed to DOJ’s mission as Van Hollen has done a lot to keep Wisconsin safe since his election in 2006.

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