Conservative Radio Activist Herman Cain Motovaites the WI DAD Summit Crowd, Very Inspiring Speech

Vicki McKenna just introduced Atlanta area Radio Show on AM 750 WSB which you can listen on the internet.  Father Freedom Herman Cain has just entered  and laughed about being called “Father Freedom.”

Cain appreciated the large turnout as he said “that you care”.  Cain said: “The founding fathers did their job to concieve the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  What are we doing as the Defending fathers to uphold this?”  Cain mentioned this as a challenge to the over close to 1,000 people in attendance as the Atlanta Area talk show host inspired the crowd the challenge elected officials as Cain has recieved many standing ovaitions during his speech today.

Cain also said “that the (left) is trying to take away our liberty as the left is involved in WWD’s known as Weapons of Wealth Destruction.”  Cain ripped on the current US Congress calling them “The House of Politicans” and the “United States Spenders” ripping on the Pelosi-Reid policies.  \

Cain also said that today’s legislatures are doing way too many fast-track bills as he did not mention the WI Budget stimulus bill but called it as its now “legislation without represenation.”  Many people have been critical of the all-democrat control legislature for pushing a budget stimulus without a public hearing.

Cain said we are in economic crisis, an energy crisis, and a clueless crisis as Cain said “Stupid people are running this country.”  Cain said that “you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we are in the wrong direction,” as Cain mentioned of unemployment is above eight percent across the nation along with some areas of Wisconsin are now at 10 percent.

Cain also praised Paul Ryan for doing the right thing in relation for saying no to the Obama Stimulus.  I have been seeing Cain speak at the past at AFP summits and he knows how to fire up a crowd.

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2 Responses to Conservative Radio Activist Herman Cain Motovaites the WI DAD Summit Crowd, Very Inspiring Speech

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  2. the patriott says:

    Herman cain is a great American!I listen to him in Texas!He should run for President.We need aman in the whitehouse not a mouse!

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