DPI Superintendent Candidate Rose Fernandez Speaks to a Passionate Crowd

Describing herself as a Mom on a mission, Fernandez said that there needs to be a kids first policy in all educational policy in Wisconsin.

As a mother of five who fought for educational choice in Wisconsin,  Fernandez spoke of her appeal as a candidate as someone who is not an insider.  As Fernandez had an impressive showing in the February primary is showing that her campaign is gaining traction as a lot of people are supporting her campaign on her message of keeping education policy that according to Fernandez puts kids first.

Fernandez also asked all students and recent college alumni to stand to show the strength of Wisconsin’s students as Wisconsin rates in the top five percent on college entrance exams and touting the strength of some of Wisconsin’s school districts that rate in the top in the nation.

Fernandez is saying that Wisconsin’s standards are lacking to other states like Missouri saying “Wisconsin kids should have the best education in the world.”  Fernandez also railed on WEAC for not supporting merit pay and saying “that teachers are losing authority of the classroom as the (unions) are putting teachers on the wayside in important decisions.”

Fernandez says more than ever parents are demanding educational choice whether if its co-ops, virtual schools, charter schools, and others.  Also, Fernandez is winning on her goal of serious reform of Milwaukee Public Schools as Milwaukee Public Schools rate in the bottom above other big city public school districts and those out-state in Wisconsin in graduation rate.  Fernandez says “there are no more excuses from the left” saying “it is high time to keep our kids in Milwaukee out of the Milwaukee County Jail.”

Fernandez says “we need to stand tall for every student as the elected officials should work for us, not the special interests.”

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