General Session Begins

We have a packed a crowd today at the Midwest Airlines Center today for the Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit and Mark Block the State Director says I am AFP.

It is great to hear AFP is growing as now there are over 18,000 members, picked up 6,000 members since the 2008 election with the goal of 25,000 to 30,000 by the 2010 elections.

Mark Block also reminds people to visit  This website will have information on the April 15th Tea Party and Taxpayer Protest in Madison

There will be town halls scheduled to come and also it is paramount that people show up in mass to the public hearings scheduled for people to voice their opinions against the State Budget.

Mark Block never imagined that there would be a crowd this big as their goal was over 400 people.  It is because of the petition that AFP is growing.   

Also, we invite anyone who is fed up with the State Budget to join us for the AFP-WI Taxpayer Tea Rally Party on April 15th Tax Day in Madison.

More to come from Milwaukee after this.

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