Joe The Plumber Speaks to a Fired Up Crowd in Milwaukee

Phil Williamson a truck driver from Waterford gave a rousing introduction calling him an “American Hero and fought Barack Obama from the America We Know”.  “Mr. President take this social government and take it to where the Sun Doesn’t Shine.”

A rousing ovation welcomed Samuel Wurzelbacher AKA “Joe The Plumber” to a crowd.  Joe mentioned that that some politicians forget the people who voted them in mentioning the importance for citizen involvement in politics.  Joe The Plumber mentioned his adoration for Teddy Roosevelt, and said is “I am different because I speak from where I stand” as the John McCain supporter mentioned his roots as a regular, common person.

Wurzelbacher mentioned the road is long, and said the GOP is “lacking leadership” and in a way rapped Michael Steele on claiming ” you have principles or not.”  “I am going to stick to principles that have stuck for a pretty damn long time” mentioning his criticisim of Michael Steele.

Wurzelbacher said when people are discouraged by scandal and mentioned people to keep fighting and “the American citizens have to be their own lobbyists.”  “We need to leave party loyalty alone and become Americans first,” said Wurzelbacher.  This comment reflects well on the widespread corruption that is rampant in the Democratic Party in Illinois and also possible allegations of corruption in the Doyle Administration.

Wurzelbacher said “we paid them to do a job and keep failing.  Words are pretty, actions do not follow, they are just words.”  Wurzelbacher mentioned this as he believes the lack of transparency in both state and federal Government is evident.

Wurzelbacher lastly thanked the many people for their support as he engaged the crowd very well as he related well to the many hard working people of Wisconsin.

Coming up next is possible 2010 GOP Governor Candidate Scott Walker.

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