National Leader Tim Phillips Speaks to a Packed Crowd

It is great to such a good person and friend Tim Phillips back in Milwaukee. Phillips the President of Americans for Prosperity mentioned of the staggering job loss statistics and home ownership statistics, as Phillips mentioning that the left is insisting to increase debt and make our tax burden worse.

Phillips said, look around and said: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!!  “Don’t you dare raise our taxes, our government in (Madison) and (Washington) is big enough.”

Phillips thanked the many of the close to 1,000 activists who showed up especially from the out-state regions of Wisconsin.  It is great to see a strong, unfied voice speaking out against the Obama-Doyle Economic policies.  As more people fearing losing their jobs,  Phillips mentioned that the Stimulus gutted out the welfare reform that Governor Thompson has passed.  It is morally wrong according to Phillips to bring back welfare.  

Phillips also mentioned about the need to fight against Government-run health care.  Also, Phillips mentioned about the Omnibus spending bill, and railed against the 8 percent increase against spending and the over 9,000 earmarks.  Phillips also scolded the politicians who are still using wasteful earmarks to make our fiscal crisis worse.

Phillips mentioned five big earmarks as job losses.

1. $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa

2. $2.1 million for a center for grape research.

3.$ 951,000 for a sustainable Las Vegas.

4. $2 million for the promotion of astronmy of Hawaiii

5. $200,000  for tatoo removal programs.  Phillips says “I don’t need the government to remove my kids tatoos”, as Phillips says that the Omnibus is morally wrong.

Phillips also mentioned about the danger of “card check” legislation and the misleading “Employee No Choice Act”.  If EFCA gets passed, this can spell danger to Wisconsin’s Economy as this can affect paper mill cities in Appleton who can be coierced by the unions.  Phillips said “card check destroys the right of workers voting for a secret ballot.”  Phillips said “card check will eliminate the secret ballot and once signed, and they can harass you without a secret ballot they can come anytime, anywhere mentioning the personal freedoms being taken away.”

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