Paul Ryan Makes His Entrance, Rips on the Progressive Movement claming that they Divide America.

Just as Paul Ryan entered the Midwest Airlines Center, the Milwaukee Union corps gave Paul Ryan “You’re number one” or what many said is the dirty bird.

Paul Ryan today talked about the old-progressives versus the new progressives that are according to Ryan “are becoming more elitist, and unaccountable to the people.”  Ryan has said in the midst of progressiveisim that Barack Obama wants to pass the third way evident of the bailouts.

Ryan ripped on the progressives for not being accountable to the people as mentioning that bankruptcy judges are given the right to re-write mortgages claming that progressive politicians and organizations in Wisconsin are deciding more winners and losers as Ryan believes that “America may be down the road to European Sociailisim.”

Paul Ryan has been mentioned the new leader of the conservative revolution.  Ryan has said “the left-of-center government will go not further in a right-of-center nation.”  Ryan mentioned this in part as conservative dems in 1993 and Republicans worked together to defeat Hillary Care.  This is evident now as the first signs as Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) is demanding President Obama to veto the ominbus joining calls of conservative senators like Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Ryan said that the Obama small buisness policies will stifle those who are the creators of the economy as Ryan has railed heavily and is joining with fellow Republican Jim Senesnbrenner to defeat Cap and Trade as the rumor is to get passed by June along with health care in August.  Ryan also railed against the EPA recieved a 124 percent increase in its budget in the omnibus.

Ryan recieved an awesome response as he was introduced by WIBA/WISN’s Vicki McKenna.

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