Possible 2010 GOP Governor Candidate Scott Walker speaks

Scott Walker said “how about that Joe.”  Walker said “In 2010, people will hear from him again.”  Scott Walker, also mentioned about his trip to the 2008 Republican Governors Association Conference in Miami, and mentioned that one speaker said “that the GOP needs to broaden its tent”.

Walker mentioned very impressive credentials that is keeping Milwaukee better off in the economic downturn compared to other cities.  Walker said “the problem is not our message, but our messengers”, defending the strength of conservatism.

Walker mentioned back to 1979, when Reagan first ran for President “America, Can do Better” as Walker defended the Reagan tax cuts in helping create the greatest economic boom as Reagan did better in a economic crisis since 1983 20 million jobs have been created.

Walker also mentioned and rapped against Doyle for his handling of the State Budget saying it is wrong to raise $2.1 billion in new taxes as Wisconsin is facing its worst budget deficit.  Walker also brought back from 1982, when then Governor Tony Earl raised taxes, and mentioned that Tommy Thompson of Elroy said “We Can Do Better.”  This propelled Thompson to winning four elections, and mentioned Jim Thompson’s old billboards “The Last One to Leave Wisconsin Turn Out the Lights”.

Walker said enough with the bailouts.  Walker left with a rousing ovation.

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