Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal Speaks

A favorite of many in the Free Market movement Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal has spoke.  Moore opened his speech rapping against media  bias especially MSNBC and CNN towards their treatment on conservative talk radio and silencing both sides of the opinion.

Moore got the crowd chanting “NO More Bailouts”, echoing the national disdain against bailouts especially the mortgage bailout.  Moore said “if they pass the bailout (for mortgages), I will not pay my mortgage ever again.”

Moore also mentioned Tim Geitner the new Treasury Secretary “we have a moral responsibility to raise taxes”, but Moore said “That Geitner should have a moral responsibility to pay his taxes,” railing over Geitner’s tax problems.

Moore also said “In 2009 that we will borrow money today, then from an inflation adjusted period from 1776 to 1980.”  This statement was mentioned as Moore has been critical over the Obama Budget being introduced recently as there has been growing criticism at both the national and state levels over the budget and the so-called Obama Stimulus.

Moore has spoken before to many crowds before  in Wisconsin in the past couple years as he relates well to the current situation in Madison with the State Budget.  “Where is the money come from?” said Moore.

Moore also criticized the State and Federal Tax Policies to increase taxes saying that the top five percent pays 79  percent of the taxes, claming that President Obama is not getting the math on the tax cuts when 45 percent of Americans do not make taxes.

Lastly, Moore said the global warming taxes “are a big farce.”

Up Next AG Van Hollen

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One Response to Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal Speaks

  1. amwa says:

    Mr. Moore what a crazy wimp you are, like we want to hear what some blonde botox babe has to say about anything. Fox the crazy loonies, who you evidently support, and you think anybody wants to know your opinium??????????????? It’s hard to believe there are idiots like you around, but of course you are only on FOX the idiot t.v. It’s fun to tune in at commercial time on other shows to see the loons at work. Keep us laughing.

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