2009 Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit Went Above the Expectations to Send a Message to Madison and Washington, Enough is Enough

It was just yesterday as over 800 people from talking to AFP-Wisconsin staff last night that made the trip to the beautiful Midwest Airlines Center in Downtown Milwaukee for the 2009 Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit.

First, I must commend the dedication of these people who could have done something else this weekend, but they came to Milwaukee because they are outraged by what has happened in Madison and Washington.  Also, I must commend those from way up North in the out-state regions in Wisconsin who got on the bus early in the morning from Rhinelander and Minocqua and Wausau to come to Milwaukee.  It was great to see those people during the property rights breakout session.  One county board supervisor said during the breakout session: “I have had it with Madison telling me how I should govern my town or county” as that gave an excellent applause.    Also, the Wisconsin State Budget breakout session was packed to the limit.  There were people who came to the event spewing their anger towards Doyle-Obama policies that have made Wisconsin less economically competitive.  Before the summit, I talked to my older brother who is a mid-level manager for a high profile IT company in the Fox Valley region and has told me Doyle needs to go as he has told me that Doyle economic policies is making his business less competitive as I told him on how the combined reporting tax will kill Wisconsin’s Businesses.

Second, what an excellent line-up of speakers that fired up the crowd yesterday in Milwaukee.  You have to give your hat off to Pastor David King at Milwaukee God Squad for a rousing speech that talked about the importance of advancing the conservative message in our inner cities.  Herman Cain was an awesome speaker.  I have heard him speak before at other DAD Summits and this guy is never dull and always fires up a crowd.  I liked one line Cain said during the summit: “I make over $250,000 a year and I a damn proud of it.”  This comes as Cain grew up in a working class family to his rise to success today as a prominent radio host in Atlanta.  Also, Attorney General JB Van Hollen, Scott Walker, and Paul Ryan also gave excellent speeches.  I really liked Van Hollen’s speech as Van Hollen said that his limited government philosophy has led the Wisconsin Department of Justice to do more to keep our families safe.  As I harshly oppose the plans of Governor Doyle to have early release of criminals, we can be rest assured that we have leaders like AG Van Hollen, Scott Walker, and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke that stand up to keep our families in Wisconsin safe.  Paul Ryan’s speech attacking the progressive community was nothing but a true classic.  Americans are more than ever listening to Paul Ryan as they are rejecting the divisive policies of liberal progressive policies.  Wisconsin is the birthplace of also the progressives, but if Fighting Bob LaFollette saw what happened today, he would roll his head in his grave right now.  The speakers that came to Milwaukee yesterday inspired a crowd looking to reject the failed Obama-Doyle economic policies.

Lastly, there is a call for action even has what happened yesterday has stopped, means that if you are fed up with Doyle-Obama policies dosen’t mean we stop.  We encourage you to visit http://www.fightbackwisconsin.com and join Americans for Prosperity on tax day, yes tax day on April 15th at the State Capitol in Madison to join many fed-up taxpayers for a Taxpayer Tea Party Rally and Protest inspired from the Rick Santelli Chicago Tea Party rant.  Also, there is an effort to recall Governor Jim Doyle from Citizens for Responsible Government.  Please visit http://www.crgnetwork.com and help volunteer to get the recall petitions needed.  CRG is going to need lots of volunteers in Wisconsin.  If you know anyone in the out-state regions of Wisconsin especially in Western Wisconsin, the Northwoods, and the Fox River Valley region we encourage you to pass this on to family and friends so they can listen to this message.

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