The North Shore Exponent Endorses the Recall of Governor Jim Doyle

As our friends at Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG Network) are going to organize the recall of Governor Jim Doyle, the North Shore Exponent wholeheardetly endorses the recall of Governor Doyle. 

Being someone who has lived in Wisconsin for a majority of my life, I have never seen a State of Wisconsin that is completely off the wrong track.  Other than the state budget woes this year do not just alone warrant his recall, here are other actions that deserve his recall.

1. Seeing Wisconsin lose more manufacturing jobs while states like Illinois and Indiana have gained manufacturing jobs since Governor Doyle took office.

2. Putting a UW System education out of reach for working families who have seen tutition increases skyrocket above inflation in which some Doyle first promised in 2002.

3. Doyle promised to balance the budget, the old-fashioned way without accounting tricks or gimmicks.  Well, Governor you are balancing the budget the old-fashioned Chicago style with raiding money from the transportation and injured patients compensation fund to avoid the hard reality of balancing the budget the way you first promised in 2002.

4. Having a very sham and phony property tax freeze in which people’s property taxes went up and vetoing REAL property tax relief when then-Republican controlled State legislature passed legislation that would give people a REAL property tax freeze.  We are seeing our seniors and our future move to other states as Wisconsin still has one of the worst property tax rates in America.

5.  The classic, “Going forward, I am open to every solution except one, we should not, we must not, and I will not raise taxes.  Wisconsin’s problem is not that we tax too little, but we spend too much.”  Explain that now, for the last two budgets you have tried to levy Wisconsinites with massive tax increases.  This state budget breaks this promise.

If you are fed-up with the bailouts, and the lack of direction with Governor Doyle, I encourage you to join CRG Network’s effort this spring.  CRG Network needs all the manpower to collect the required amount of signatures in 60 days when they begin the campaign to force a recall election.  Vicki McKenna endorses it, and if you are fed up and had enough of Madison, we need you to take Madison back.  Tell your family and friends also, because CRG Network needs to spread the word.

This is why the North Shore Exponent supports the CRG Network’s efforts to recall Governor Doyle.

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11 Responses to The North Shore Exponent Endorses the Recall of Governor Jim Doyle

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  2. Capt. Karl says:

    “The Liberty Tree Lantern” also highly endorces the recall of Governor Doyle.

  3. mom2fourangels says:

    Where do I sign.

  4. Meshlek says:

    What are your representatives saying when you ask them of a Doyle recall effort. The North Shore keeps it real for all of us.

  5. william berg sr says:


  6. Kyle Maichle says:

    To those who have left comments:

    It is great to see the interest in this issue and the amount of hits this blog is receiving over the Doyle Recall and the Madison Taxpayer Rally and Tea Party Protest.

    CRG Network In the next couple weeks will launch the website.

    Also, please join Americans for Prosperity if you can on tax day at the State Capitol in Madison, WI to tell Gov. Doyle we had enough.
    AFP is working on getting busses from the out-state regions of Wisconsin to get people down to the State Capitol and we need to get as many because the unions wil try to drown our voice and we need to be louder and tell them enough is enough.

  7. Kyle Maichle says:

    For Info on the tax rally visit

  8. Karen says:

    Where do we sign this petition? It is past time for him to go.

  9. Jim says:

    You can count me in .
    Tommy was not great but a lot better than Doyle. He kept the manufacturing jobs here and showed a concern for Wisconsin .

  10. Patrick Eaton says:

    You have our vote and that of many we know to recall Gov. Doyle. Where do we get a petition to sign.

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