Senator Kohl’s Vote for the Omnibus Shows his True Colors as US Senator

As I just got hold of the news that the massive, wasteful Omnibus spending bill is filled full of pork barrel earmarks, there has to be credit and criticisim given.  First, I commend Senator Feingold for voting against this wasteful bill and standing up against the Pelosi-Reid machine to further bankrupt our nation with a bill loaded full of eight billion dollars of earmarks that have no place in a bad economy.

Second, I have to say Shame on Senator Herb Kohl for not joining Senator Feingold’s lead to reign in wasteful pork barrel spending.  Senator Kohl’s vote disregarded the voices of Wisconsin people that have had enough of these spending bills that are bloated and loaded so full of pork.   This is not the first time that Senator Kohl has voted for earmarks.  Senator Kohl has a considerable history supporting wasteful pork barrel spending.   According to Citizens for Government waste, Senator Kohl worked lock-step with House Appropraitions Committee Chairman Dave Obey in 2008 wasting your taxpayer dollars on these projects:

$7,818,882 for 10 projects by Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), including:  $2,502,360 for the Dairy Forage Agricultural Research Center in Prairie du Sac; $1,861,875 for development of specialty markets; $346,557 for urban horticulture research; and $178,740 for the Dairy Business Association (DBA), which according to its website, “is an industry organization comprised of dairy producers, corporate and allied industry supporters.  The DBA promotes the growth and success of all dairy farms in Wisconsin by fostering a positive business and political environment.”  Besides tax dollars, the DBA is financed by companies such as Monsanto, EcoLab, and Smithfield Beef Group.  Total net income for the three companies in 2006 was $671.4 million. Source:Citizens Against Government Waste 2008 Pig Book.

If you look back at the pig book at you will find various pork barrel earmarks that Senator Kohl has supported throughout the years.  Senator Kohl’s vote for more wasteful spending is a total slap in the face to Wisconsin’s hard working families who are suffering enough.   This slap in the face by Senator Kohl to Wisconsin’s hard working families warrants Senator Herb Kohl as the second nominee for the North Shore Exponent’s Dummy of the Month Award.    The actions of Senator Kohl will motivaite people to come to Madison on April 15th to tell our state representatives in Madison and to our members of Congress in DC, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Link to Omnibus Vote roll call:  Link to the US Senate Roll Call on the Omnibus

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