NY-20 Update: Scott Murphy Shows His True Colors that He Sides with Pelosi to Attack Jim Tedisco’s Good Name

As up-state New York and America are taking with interest the ultra-critical Special Election in the 20th Congressional District in New York, Scott Murphy because he cannot win on the issues is showing his true colors by teaming up with likes of Chucky Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to blatantly attack Jim Tedisco’s good name as someone who can be the leader of the next conservative revolution in America.

As Jim Tedisco, the conservative Republican is working odd jobs at small businesses on the campaign trail like making sandwiches at the local road side diner to show his commitment to small businesses, Mr. Murphy a failed business owner who is a symbol of Wall Street greed and corruption is attacking Tedisco because Tedisco has been effective on the “Jim on the Job” tour demonstrating his commitment to working familes.

This time, the GOP is poised to fight back because they have allies on the ground, with not just the RNC, but the Our Country Deserves Better PAC which is starting to turn into the Conservative equivalent of MoveOn.org.  The Our Country PAC has been raising money and I just got an e-mail from them today as they are going to need more to stop the false attacks Mr. Murphy is doing on Tedisco.  When Mr. Murphy cannot pay his taxes like Tim Geithner or Tom Daschle, when he gives bonuses out to managers in his business despite he has bankrolled jobs to India, when Mr. Murphy has not voted in eight elections, and when Mr. Murphy has an ethical cloud as an ex-lobbyist in the State of Missouri shows the real reason why the conservatives need to win NY-20, not just for upstate New York, but for all of America.

This is why the National Tax Limitation Committee PAC, Americans for Tax Reform, and the National Taxpayers Union declared Murphy, Taxpayer Enemy #1.

What we are seeing in NY-20 right now could be something in store in WI-8 where Congressman Steve Kagen is the most vulnerable Democrat in 2010.  This is the type of campaign we will see next year if someone like a Marc Savard, Paul Jadin, or a Tim Hanna  takes on Kagen and his slimy campaign war chest in which Kagen cannot raise funds successfully in the 8th District, but has to rely on Milwaukee to fully fund his campaign.

As Democrats are losing the battle on the stimulus to the conservatives, expect any vulnerable Democrat to rely on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to attempt to save their failed records.  If Tedisco does his job on March 31st, this is just the first step the GOP will be making a comeback  in 2010.  This could set the barometer for the Dems to lose at least one house of Congress.


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One Response to NY-20 Update: Scott Murphy Shows His True Colors that He Sides with Pelosi to Attack Jim Tedisco’s Good Name

  1. mrs. jones says:

    Why not liberty for a change?


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