Liberal Media and DNC Should Be Ashamed for their Treatment of RNC Chairman Michael Steele

Over the past weekend, I saw my good friend Reince Priebus the Wisconsin State Republican party chairman who actually helped paved the way for Michael Steele to win the RNC Chairmanship.  But, in the past couple weeks, the mainstream media and some in the DNC are giving Michael Steele the so called “Uncle Tom” treatment because of the color of his skin.

First, I have never seen the mainstream media so intent to fracture the Republican Party at a time when Michael Steele right now is cleaning house at the RNC.  First, on the Hughley interview, Michael Steele was basically dealt with a very biased interview as they were dealing with over Rush Limbaugh calling him the de-facto leader of the Republican Party.  Michael Steele had every right to call out this issue at a time when many on the left are gambling to use Limbaugh as a way to destroy and marginalize the conservative base.

Two, I applaud Michael Steele for being tough on Senators Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, and Marice Collins on their votes for the Obama stimulus.  Also, I am happy that Chairman Steele made it clear he would only support the Pennsylvania and Maine Republican parties if they get a primary challenger.  This is the type of leadership the RNC has been missing for a long while and I am glad Michael Steele is finally voicing out on this issue, but they are some insiders in the party that are not happy on the issue and are trying to use the media to distract away from Michael Steele.

Now whatever attack or false bias that comes towards the RNC chairman should be regarded as the media going against the voice of the people who are ashamed of the Obama Administration on its handling of the Obama Stimulus, but more than importantly I proudly supported Michael Steele for the RNC Chairman and I supported him because he was the best man at the time to rebuild the party.

Any member of the Democratic Party who wants to use the race card on Chairman Steele because he doesn’t have a “D” in front of his name should be ashamed because as a diverse nation we should not be using this derogatory language to destroy a man of his word.  The real test of Chairman Steele will be on March 31st when we will see the Republicans will re-claim the 20th Congressional District of New York in a Special Election.  Right now, Republicans have every reason to be optimistic that the election on the 31st of March will  be the first major victory of Chairman Steele’s tenure and it should tell the media to back off using the race card.

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