Citizen Action and Peter Blewett’s Lies About Milwaukee Public Schools Deserve the March Dummy of the Month Award

Peter Blewett and Misleading the Taxpayers

Peter Blewett and Misleading the Taxpayers

The North Shore Exponent Continues its Dummy of the Month Award.  For the month of March, Milwaukee Public School Board member Peter Blewett and his special interest allies at Citizen Action are awarded this shameful dishonor for their direct mail campaign to tell voters things are OK.

Just today, another piece of Direct Mail talks about how Peter Blewett is smart with your taxpayer dollars.    The piece says that Peter Blewett stopped unnecessary construction projects with MPS.    However, during a 2008 investigation conducted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that really a lot of the newly improved and constructed MPS buildings especially new lockers for example have never been put to good use.   In the November 16, 2008 edition of JS Online it has proved that still that the new construction projects that wasted your taxpayer dollars and keeps buildings under-utilized shows that Blewett is not smart and tough with your taxpayer dollars.

Second, Citizen Action praises Blewett for establishing stricter policies on employee travel since the Charlene Hardin incident, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported in its December 20,  2008 edition that Peter Blewett  dragged his feet for more than three months after Ms. Hardin’s behavior was first reported by the Journal Sentinel’s Daniel Bice to finally decide whether it even would investigate Hardin’s actions. Under increasing pressure, the board finally made the call the Thursday before the newpasper published the article exposing Mr. Blewett dragging his feet.  This is typical business as usual with Milwaukee Public Schools.

Now, with a critical public school statewide superintendent election coming up shortly, Citizen Action put in money in a Direct Mail campaign thinking they could mislead and deceive taxpayers for another year, not this time and not this year for left-wing special interest groups like Citizen Action of Wisconsin who are propping up the likes of Blewett in hoping it translates into votes for the Tony Evers campaign.

Taxpayers are more fed up than ever with MPS, and for their deliberate attempt to lie and mislead the voters of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, therefore they are awarded the North Shore Exponent’s Dummy of the Month Award for March.

Links to Sources

November 16, 2008 edition of JS Online. Dec 20, 2008 JS Online Article on Blewett dragging his feet

Dishonorable Mentions

SEIU and the Milwaukee Area Labor Council for their botched and failed protest at the 2009 Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit and also for lying about AFP members in a press release which was nothing but comedy.

US Senator Herb Kohl for voting in reverse of Russ Feingold who opposed the Omnibus by voting for the wasteful, pork laden bill and being a key contributor in the Senate Approprations Committee and voting lock-step with Congressman Dave Obey for loading the bill full of pork.

Wisconsin Legislative Joint Finance Committee Chairmen Mark Pocan and Mark Miller for loading the Wisconsin State Budget with worthless non-fiscal policy items.

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