The Heart of the Battle on Card Check, Pennsylvania where Americans for Prosperity hit the message home on this dangerous legislation

Over this week Americans for Prosperity went to the state with the highest amount of union households, Pennsylvania to put the pressure on Senator Arlen Specter to vote NO on Card Check as now the GOP and many great organizations, and real grassroots activists out in the Keystone State are out to say no to Card Check.

First, I agree with President Tim Phillips that it was good to let both sides of the debate including the union people in to have a real debate on the issue.  However, I am very ashamed that these people that represent unions acted in a very classless matter to get their point across.  Like “Joe the Plumber” said in Pittsburgh, “a little common courtsey and respect and we’ll get through this thing.”

Second, looking more at this issue of card check, if you see how these protestors really tried to intimidate people who are against card check, use this video as a preview of what you may see if card check becomes law.  First, if you oppose a union, do you want a union boss lurking at your back porch or stalking you everywhere to sign an union card if the secret ballot is taken away? For me, I would not want someone stalking me to sign a union card.  Also, the bill says that if a union and an employer cannot come to terms in 120 days, the Government tells your working conditions for the next two years.  For many, there are people that want to just get their work done and be left alone.  This means that this legislation will kill jobs.

Third, even in a state with some hard-left leanings like Pennsylvania, I am happy Americans for Prosperity took a risk to get the message sent home to Pennsylvania as not just Specter votes no, but also up to 3 Democrat Senators (Senators Kent and Conrad of North Dakota, Tim Johnson of South Dakota) may vote No.  Everytime I see unions protest at Americans for Prosperity events, they always act more classless like the last time, and their classlessness could be a big reason why card check gets killed.

Lastly, if you believe card check is bad for America, call your Senators up and tell them to Vote NO.  I e-mailed Senators Kohl and Feingold and Congresswoman Moore back in Wisconsin, and Senator Kohl said in a e-mail back from me he has heard a lot of concerns of the Secret Ballot.  I think people should put the pressure on Senator Kohl to vote NO.

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