Madison Tea Party Sent a Real Message to Madison and Washington: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

I was helping out Americans for Prosperity today with the efforts of the Wisconsin Tea Party at the State Capitol and today, Americans for Prosperity well executed on its message and its aims as today’s large presence of fed-up taxpayers basically shut down any Democratic counter protests.

First, it was great to see close to 10,000 like minded citizens who made their way to Madison to say enough is enough.  This is part of a constituenticy that has a growing discontent with the out-of touch economic policies of Obama and Doyle. 

Second, what a group of speakers.  From Paul Ryan to a brave high school student in Madison who inspired a group of acitivists in Madison and awaiting to inspire the others who are fed-up everywhere with Obama-Doyle economics in which has put us in the wrong direction. 

It was not just Republicans who attended, there were even Democrats who are losing faith in their party in the conservative and moderate sects of the party with all the excessive spending and taxaition.

The Wisconsin Democratic party chairman Joe Wienike issued a partisan, petty, pandering filled press release claiming that the party was nothing but a “Republican Tea Bag party”.  Wienke’s stunt was only a move to score points with his base as right now, more moderate and conservative Democrats are rejecting the extreme left-wing policies of the Democratic party and als0 the serious ethics issues that are plauging the party from TurboTax Cheat Tim Geithner to Rahm Emanuel.

It is important that people stay involved to keep the pressure on Obama, Doyle, Reid and Pelosi.  It is the voices that they hear today and if the do not hear them, they will be louder when given their pink slip on November 2, 2010.

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