Rep. Milroy and Senator Jauch’s Classless Post-Tea Party tirade on Superior Mayor Dave Ross earns them the April Dummy of the Month Award

After taking a break from blogging, I am back to award Dummy of the Month for April and this month’s award goes to newly elected State Rep. Nick Milroy (D-73rd District) and verteran State Senator Bob Jauch (D-25th District) for their classless post-Madison Tea Party tirade towards Mayor Dave Ross a speaker at the Madison Tea Party at a Superior Harbor ceremony last week.

First, it has been noted for a while that both Mayor Ross and Senator Jauch have a tense relationship lately.  I commend Mayor Ross for making Superior debt free as his approach will be one of those cities who will come out of the recession better than expected.  But, Senator Jauch who we know is a Senator who has a penchant for taxing every form of human intervention in Wisconsin and is also one of the most pro social engineering state senators in Wisconsin showed his true colors after close to 10,000 angry taxpayers in Madison on Tax Day made their day heard.  At the event, Senator Jauch said: “So for those who bellyache in Madison at that rally where they shouted to the moon about their taxes, they ought to come and ask us what’s wasteful about this,” Senator Jauch said. “This is worthwhile spending. This is good spending, Mr. Ross. This is where we’re going to take the money, then let’s not condemn it somewhere else.”

Rep. Milroy a freshmen State Representative followed in the capachony of Senator Jauch saying:  “I really want to thank the taxpayers because that’s who’s paying for this project ultimately,” said Rep Nick Milroy.  “I didn’t hear from one taxpayer that this was wasteful government spending.”   Senator Jauch for many years since the day he took office in Madison in the 1980’s has always wanted to tax everything, but with a Mayor like Dave Ross who is brave to stand up to their social engineering agenda shows that some of the most liberal democrats in Madison will resort to classlessness especially when new polls are rating low of the Democrats in the majority.  This pure political grandstanding is nothing but a chop block on the voices of angry taxpayers who said enough is enough.  This is why for their arrogant, unsportsmanlike conduct both Senator Jauch and Rep. Milroy are awarded the shameful dishonor of Dummy of the Month for the Month of April. Excerpts provided by the Superior Telegram

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