With Wisconsin’s Rising Budget Deficit, Get Rid of Progressive Income Taxaition and Replace it With the Flat Tax

Wisconsin has one of the worst budget deficits in the United States, and also our ability to attract high wage and good paying jobs have been killed because of our rising defict caused by what Ronald Reagan called an immoral ill in America called progressive taxiation.

The problem why Wisconsin cannot compete economically with other states like Illinois is states like Illinois have a flat tax at three percent across the board.  Wisconsin, if it ever wants to compete needs to axe progressive taxes and replace it with a Illinois-style flat tax which would give true tax relief for all of Wisconsin.  Our citizens are over-taxed as Wisconsin taxes way too much with the low end rate of 4.25% and the high end rate of 7.67%.

The left will play its whole same old arguments on policies like the flat tax to distract their failed agenda in tax policy.   A flat tax in Wisconsin would promote true tax relief and true tax fairness as all people in Wisconsin if it has an Illinois style flat tax of 3% will be taxed the same regardless of income and it would give all taxpayers a true economic stimulus especially for the middle class as many middle class workers have 5 to 6% of their paycheck deducted right now, if we tax everyone at 3% like Illinois does, then we allow Wisconsin to become the job producing state of America.

On a side note, Wisconsin needs to get rid of the law of being an at-will state in which allows forced unionism and  join the other 20 plus states that are right to work states like Iowa.  This will allow Wisconsin to compete with right to work states in the South making Wisconsin a more productive state.

As Democrats avoid taking responsibility for making the situation worse in Madison, we need to make sure Wisconsin needs to take the steps it needs to become America’s economic leader and it can start with electing the right people to represent our interests in 2010.

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2 Responses to With Wisconsin’s Rising Budget Deficit, Get Rid of Progressive Income Taxaition and Replace it With the Flat Tax

  1. Or should we move for a FairTax – scratch the income and lump it in with sales tax?

  2. Wilbur says:

    Your argument is that Wisconsin has a big budget deficit because its progressive income tax makes it less competitive than Illinois, which has a 3% flat rate income tax. But Illinois actually has a bigger budget deficit, measured as a share of the state’s general fund, than Wisconsin does– and, in fact, by this measure their deficit is bigger than California’s!
    (See http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=711 for an up-to-date comparison of budget deficits across the nation.)
    So if having a flat-rate 3% income isn’t helping Illinois, why’s it gonna help Wisconsin?

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