The Democrats and Progressive Left Special Interests Take No Repsponsiblity for their budget woes

With all the recent Joint Finance Committee hearings and also the Democrats desperate attempt to work overtime this weekend to get the Wisconsin State Budget done, it is becoming evident right now who is for the mess before this bad economic downfall, it is Governor Doyle’s dishonest budgeting that has put Wisconsin at its day of fiscal recokoning.

We are seeing now with a higher budget deficits as now the Democrats tax policy of higher taxes are not equating into the revenue collections they were hoping.   When the middle class of Wisconsin suffers, you have progressive left special interest organizations like The Institute for Wisconsin’s Future, the very shadowy One Wisconsin Now, in which they should be called One Partisan Wisconsin Now, and now the progressive de-facto organization of the Wisconsin Counties Association who are basically lobbying for higher taxes to fix the Governor’s dishonest budgeting in his over six years as Governor.

These groups are asking for higher taxes because they will not hold their hired man Jim Doyle accountable for using dishonest budgeting and his excessive use of the Frankenstien Veto in which was banned by the people of Wisconsin in April of 2008 on a ballot question.  When we see the headlines of 400 jobs cut at Harley Davidson due to the Governor’s new combined reporting tax, or when the Doyle Administration could not stand up for the working people in Sheboygan when Thomas Products is now moving to Louisiana because Governor Jindal personally took leadership to bring them to Louisiana and with more Wisconsin companies mulling moves to Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas has it been waking up the Democrats and the progressive left to stop or its basically in their mindset to tell the middle class to drop dead because the left doesn’t care about the middle class in Wisconsin.

This is what we are facing, and unless we change Governors and elect Scott Walker nothing will change in Wisconsin.  Voters are watching, and when the Governor has a 33 percent approval rating according to SurveyUSA, and according to St. Norbert College when nearly 70 percent of Wisconsin voters disapprove of the Governor’s handling of the budget, and over 60 percent disapprove of the job of the Democratic controlled legislature it shows why this Memorial Day weekend the Dems are ducking because they do not want to face the heat as many taxpayers in Wisconsin have had enough.

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