All 12 Democrats Who Wanted to Have a Weekend Budget Backroom Session Earns Them Dummy of the Month for the Month of May

This Dummy of the Month is So Outrageous it deserves the award times tweleve.  Yes, all 12 Democratic Members of the Joint Finance Committee including House Chairman Mark Pocan (D-Central Madison-78th),  Senate Chairman Mark Miller (D-East Madison/Monona-16th) to begin decided to have a weekend session of the Joint Finance Committee over a fiscal emergency, but when Rep. Pocan and Senator Miller decide to have this budget session during the weekend to do the budget behind closed doors and to avoid public scruitny shows right now why according to an April 2009 St. Norbert College Poll that over 60 percent of Wisconsin voters disapprove of their job performance on the handling of the State Budget.

Also add on, that the other Democratic members on both sides of the committee are part of this backroom deal including Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay/Pulaski/Marinette-30th),  Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee RiverWest and UWM-4th), Senator John Lehman (D-Racine County-21st),  Senator Judy Robson (D-Beloit, Janesville, Walworth-15th),  and Senator Julie Lassaa (D-Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield-24th).  Also, all the members of the House side are part of this backroom fiasco including Rep. Pedro Colon (D-South Central Milwaukee-7th District),  Rep. Cory Mason (D-South Racine-61st District), Rep. Jennifer Schilling (D-La Crosse-95th District), Rep. Gary Sherman (D-Port Wing-74th District),  and Rep. Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee West-18th District)  who are basically have put the Democratic Party of Wisconsin at a new low for budget transparency and ethics.

I hope these legislators know that their actions are contributing to the abysmal record Wisconsin has on lack of transparency and strength against dirty budget gimmicks.  At a time, when the middle class has gone through enough and with higher taxes, these tweleve elected officials disregarded their cries and took part into backroom politics to avoid hearing the cries of their constituents and siding with the shadowy progressive-left special interests in Wisconsin who want nothing but taxes up the moon.  This why we can give an shameful dishonor times tweleve as our Dummy of the Month goes to all 12 Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee.

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