During the Weekend Backroom Session, Rep. Pocan and Sen. Miller side with criminals and trial laywers over working families

This morning, I decided to look at Rep. Robin Vos’s twitter feed and to no avial in a backroom session of the Joint Finance Committee, Rep. Mark Pocan and Sen. Mark Miller the co-chairman of the committee have decided in their votes in the State Budget of Wisconsin that criminals, trial lawyers, and illegal immigrants have a higher priority than Wisconsin’s working families.

First, giving tuition breaks to illegal immigrants in the UW System, give me a break.  There are many students at UW-Madison and in the UW System that have not gotten any tuition relief under Governor Doyle.  As many students are drowining in higher tuition and loan debt, Rep. Pocan, Sen. Miller, and the rest of the Democrat Dirty Dozen on the Joint Finance Committee think illegals get a break before the rest of Wisconsin.

Second, add on when Wisconsin counties are struggling to keep Assistant District Attorney’s to put criminals off our street, the Democrat Dirty Dozen puts more cuts and instead puts funding to hire 50 more Defense Attorneys to represent the State of Wisconsin.  This is putting criminals first before our kids.

Third, Lawyers come first due to a backroom deal put in the budget in expanding the joint and several liablity laws in which could make any business who can be liable for 1 percent of any liablity lawsuit pay for 100 percent.  This kills business by excessive litigation.  Former Virginia Attorney General and 2009 GOP Governor Candidate Bob McDonnell has said: “The threat to prosperity is too much taxiation, litigation, and regulation.”  The former AG of Virginia is right, as Wisconsin is faced with this gripping reality.  As many more small businesses are voicing out against this plan and Governor Doyle defending this plan as he thinks is “good public policy” this shows Governor Doyle’s true priorities are payback to trial lawyers before working families and the middle class.

This budget hurts the middle class of Wisconsin period.  At a time when we are seeing Wisconsinites moving to Illin0is, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Indiana, Texas, and Louisiana because of how ridicilous our Government has got, this shows right here that Wisconsin needs a change of leadership.  This is why this blog awarded Dummy of the Month for the Month of May to these 12 politicians who believe that their self serving interests come before the state’s interests.  It is important that Wisconsin citizens keep turning up the heat on our elected officials before the State Budget vote and start demanding that our wallets come first before the state’s.

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One Response to During the Weekend Backroom Session, Rep. Pocan and Sen. Miller side with criminals and trial laywers over working families


    This is why we need to FIRE Doyle, via recall. WI’s deficit is 6.67 billion, and climbing; the fourth highest in the nation. His popularity is down at 35%, and we have to get rid of him NOW, before he can do more damage. Go to http://www.recalldoyle.com and sign up! As soon as we reach the critical number of volunteers, we’ll get signatures, and he’ll be out! We can do it!

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