When the survey goes against the progressive left, they bend the truth on Senator Randy Hopper

I find this very amusing that when Governor Doyle  and the so-called progressive left has been losing more support in the more recent opinion polls, that the progressive left wing special interests have the audacity to distort a Senator like Randy Hopper who in the real world knows what it takes to create and keep family supporting jobs in Wisconsin and is leading the fight against the left’s tax policies in this budget that are killing jobs in Wisconsin.

When the left tried very hard to distort Senator Hopper in the 2008 elections, they knew their attacks went nowhere because their candidate Jessica King basically distorted the truth on Senator Hopper and the people of the 18th District at the polls rejected her nonsensical attacks on now Senator Hopper.

Fast forward to this week, the Fond du Lac Reporter featured a guest column written by  the very shadowy left-wing special interest group in the interest in truth in advertising called One Partisan Wisconsin Now decides to attack Hopper over Wisconsin Assembly bill 38 in which would allow corporations to exempt capital gains from the sale of any asset from Federal gross adjusted income over because Senator Hopper legally used the tax code to keep his business competitive while running from the fact they support the Obama cabinet in Washington who cheats on their taxes.

The column titled “Sen. Hopper has little in common with the average state taxpayer” was basically nothing but a way for the the progressive left special interests like shadowy One Partisan Wisconsin Now to deflect their real intentions over the recent approval rating numbers that are beginning to show that the people of Wisconsin have had enough of the progressive left and their high tax policies that are already driving jobs out of Wisconsin.

Since combined reporting has passed which is the mouthpiece of the progressive left special interests, it has done NOTHING to keep jobs in Wisconsin over the left’s orgy over the so-called “Las Vegas Loophole” claiming that without combined reporting that jobs move to Nevada.  The truth the progressive left does not want to admit is that Combined Reporting closed the so-called “Las Vegas”  loophole to send good paying Wisconsin jobs to Louisiana, Texas, and Kentucky and seeing more Wisconsin companies cut more jobs because of the left’s tax policies.  Now when the record in this legislative session does not back the words written in the column, this shows that this is nothing but empty rhetoric.

To take some ammunition back, when One Partisan Wisconsin Now wants to complain on Senator Hopper legally using the tax code to keep his business competitive, where are they to hold the likes of Timothy Geitner, Tom Daschle, and the other tax cheats that are in the Obama cabinet accountable when organizations like theirs want to tolerate tax cheaters in Washington? When they call the conservatives hypocrites on their anti-tax agenda how about why are they being hypocritical supporting tax cheats like Tim Geithner who has basically not been paying any taxes, and were exposed during their confirmation hearings?  When the middle class sees their taxes go up under Obama-Doyle, the tax cheats don’t pay any taxes.  Guess what, this column written by One Partisan Wisconsin Now in the Fond du Lac reporter shows that hypocrisy is alive and well especially in a city that has the third worst unemployment rate in Wisconsin in which is caused by the real culprit, dishonest budgeting by Governor Doyle.

The next time, these people want to attack a gentleman like Senator Hopper who knows what it takes to create jobs, they should look at the actions of their chosen few who claim they stand for the average taxpayer only in which they are inflicting the real pain and suffering on the middle class and the average taxpayer.


Read the column and decide for yourself that the progressive left special interests are getting desperate because real Wisconsin taxpayers are rejecting the very divisive agenda of One Partisan Wisconsin Now.

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One Response to When the survey goes against the progressive left, they bend the truth on Senator Randy Hopper

  1. Zach W. says:

    Hey Kyle…do you stand by your statement that Randy Hopper is a gentleman?

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