NBC Sports Pierre McGuire is like any Liberal nut job at NBC that needs to get canned

NHL on NBC's Pierre McGuire (left)

NHL on NBC's Pierre McGuire (left)

Many know me as a big hockey fan being a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers (NCAA) and the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, but after watching the NHL Western Conference Finals, I know the impression that NBC Sports puts the same biased journalists like their counterparts at NBC News do.  I have no problem with Mike Emerick or Eddie Olcyk calling the games.  They are no doubt some of the most professional commentators in all of sports who do their jobs fair and balanced.  Even with Eddie Olcyk doing commentary for the Blackhawks for CSN Chicago, Olcyk still does a great job remaning fair and impartial, but what makes it bad is Pierre McGuire.

Pierre McGuire is their reporter for “Inside the Glass” which means that the usual rinkside reporter you see for hockey games is put in between the benches to give fans a better perspective on the game at rink level.  I like the idea of it, but what I cannot stand is a biased prick like McGuire showing his true colors during the last two NHL on NBC telecasts being nothing but biased towards the Detroit Red Wings.  I am one of many Chicago Blackhawks fans who live in Milwaukee that are wild about Toews, Kane, and young stars, but I can’t stand a blowhard prick like McGuire who does some of the most biased reporting in-between intermissions.  When you hear his commentary, he sounds dumb and at times obivous in which even if you are a casual fan of the sport of hockey, you can tell he is wrong from what he thinks is right.

This means, Pierre McGuire fits the mold of any liberal on MSNBC and therefore I feel after last weekend’s series and his biased reporting that NBC Sports should can him.  NHL on NBC’s ratings are going up, but put a hot blonde girl like Erin Andrews who is a former Tampa Bay Lightning rinkside reporter “Inside the Glass”, NBC’s NHL ratings would go way through the roof.  I mean it would distract the Detroit Red Wings.

Because there is no glass to protect Pierre inside the glass I hope when the teams fight, someone roughs him up during this weekend’s broadcast of the Stanley Cup Finals for all the biased reporting he demonstrated last weekend as basically Pierre has a problem with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Its no wonder than even Canada hates him.

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6 Responses to NBC Sports Pierre McGuire is like any Liberal nut job at NBC that needs to get canned

  1. 60618zip says:

    Just curious how McGuire’s a liberal because he does, indeed, suck?

  2. Kayleigh says:


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  3. Penguins Fan says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what Kyle Maichle had to say regarding the overly obvious bias Pierre McGuire shows toward the Detroit Red Wings. As an avid hockey fan and a huge supporter of both the Blackhawks and Penguins, it sickens me to hear this bald-headed jerk spew his praises of the Red Wings over and over, even during exemplary play by their opposition. In just the first two periods of the Finals, I don’t recall hearing anything come out of his mouth that paid any kind of kudos to the Pens and their play. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a puck hit the jerk right in the mouth so that we, as television viewers, can enjoy the game by listening to the fair and balanced call of Mike Emerick or Eddie Olcyk. If NBC insists on having this little snot provide commentary on the games, they should ensure that the entire broadcast team be just as fair and balanced.

  4. REDIWING FAN says:

    In response to penguin fan, you have got to be kidding me. You honostly think that nbc and this bald headed moron are for the wings. you are sorely mistaken. The nhl and nbc constantly has the camera and conversation on Malkin and Crosby all game long and talk about what the wings do wrong. Obviously you are distraught from the two losses, but seriously, Crosby is the NHL’s bitch, and they want nothing better than for the youngins to beat the experienced wings. Name one time he praised the wings. Everyone in the NHL has a hatred toward the wings like mlb has toward the Yankees and im sick of these biased dumbasses talking about how Pittsburgh is more hungry for the cup than us. NBC wants them to win, why else would they try to catch the wings tired on a 2 day rest. Penguins are good, but not that good to play against the west, so stick with football and leave this sport to real sportsmen

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  6. EthrDemon says:

    I know this is a year after the fact but… are there any places in Milwaukee to watch hockey (other than what is on NHLNet/VS)? Especially looking for anywhere to see the Badgers games we don’t get on tv.

    (If you don’t mind sharing with a liberal Red Wings fan, I promise I can be civil…)

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